Grapeseed Oil Becomes Newest Member of Organo Gold Family

Grapeseed oil has been around for over 6000 years. It is extracted from grapefruit seeds and has a laundry list of many health benefits. Many of these benefit are starting to garner much attention from both scientists and health food advocates. Grapeseed oil is a natural antioxidant, helps in the prevention of cancer, contributes to heart health, boosts the brain, strengthens immunity, and garners healthier skin. It is also a supplement available from Organo Gold’s bioactive product line. Organo Gold is very popular amongst Northwestern coffee culture. The company produces a variety of coffee blends that boast healthy additives as well as exotic extraction locals.

What most do not know is that there is another side to the business. Organo Gold also produces a health supplements, sports drinks, as well as its popular coffee line. Grapeseed oil is the newest addition.Bernardo T. Chua founded Organo gold back in 2008. A native of the Philippines, Chua started the company to sell the health benefits of Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a ancient Chinese herb that Chua experienced growing up. His dedication to Ganoderma has led to breakthroughs in its industry, and the success of Organo company allowed him to branch out to other supplements. The coffee line that Organo sports is laden with Ganoderma Lucidium.

This addition makes Organo unique coffee in that it boosts the immune system. The company is also known for its sports supplements.Organo Gold is a multi-level marketer. They have a website offering product sales, and are also featured in other digital marketplaces like Amazon. Individuals can also become Organo Gold suppliers. This is the key aspect of Organo’s distribution. They allow anyone to become independent contractors who can sell and dispense product to the community around them. The contractors get a percentage of profit, and Organo gets widespread distribution and saturation.


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Ted Bauman Makes a Bold Claim Towards Amazon

Ted Bauman is an editor of The Bauman Letter, which is has a total of about 100,000 subscribers who tune in to the monthly publications. These subscribers are interested in investing in their future and increasing their knowledge about investment opportunities, different types of personal strategies, and legal success.

Writing is another one of Ted Bauman’s many talents, writing for Smart Money service, which is a trading service that deals with ETF-trading and are produced on a weekly basis.

As a businessman himself, Ted Bauman has a lot of insight when it comes to the topic of Monopolies and things of similar interest, but does his claim that Amazon is not a Monopoly discredit him as a businessman, or does it give him more credit? From what has been said, he claims that large Monopoly companies typically have a very bad customer service and somewhat higher of prices, neither of which Amazon has. Amazon has a good reputation for being very handy and quite responsive when it comes to their customer service. They also have prices are pretty unbeatable other places.

Ted Bauman goes on to say that many other companies are dominating the marketplace and the e-commerce business as well. According to Ted, Wal-Mart makes about three times as much each year in revenue as Amazon does. Another claim mentioned by Ted is that many of the competitors to Amazon are taking the majority of the online business orders and Amazon is only receiving a fraction of the orders that these competing companies are. Many people who order online do so with a specific brand, knowing they are getting a quality item from a trusted brand. Amazon has a lot of high-quality items but lacks in the branding side of things due to their wide array of products from different brands alike.

Does any of this change the outcome of Amazon competing as a Monopoly company? Well, according to Ted Bauman, he does not see a long-term future as a Monopoly company, but who knows, Amazon might be the past, present, and future company.

To know more click: here.

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Paul Mampilly Strikes a Tremendous Balance between Work and Family

The exit of Paul Mampilly from Wall Street America was the most important decision that he ever made in his life. This was because he obtained the liberty that he had sought for an extended period, which would enable him to serve the everyday investor in the American soil. The industry players had neglected these investors since they never had sufficient funds to pay for the investment management services of the professionals who were all employed in the big investment firms in Wall Street. It was quite unfair to these investors, who constituted the majority of the American citizens to be sidelined in investment matters, considering that the American economy heavily depends on them. This motivated Paul Mampilly to leave his last employment at the Kinetics Asset Management Company, where he had been managing a hedge fund portfolio for the company on behalf of its investors.

The opportunity to work at the Kinetics Asset Management was quite essential to Mampilly since it opened the doors for popularity and respect in the investment management industry. This was because of his tremendous performance that he portrayed at the company. For instance, before he took over the management of the hedge fund, it had performed poorly for the past several decades in the industry. Shortly after his takeover, the hedge fund started flourishing, and three years later, it was named as the best performing hedge fund in the industry. This made every employer in the industry admire the skills of this investment genius Mampilly.

His move to the Banyan Hill Publishing was one of the best that he ever made in his life. At the company, Paul Mampilly prepares some investment information that he uses to feed hundreds of thousands of investors, who eagerly look up to him for useful investment advice. He has been doing this for the past three years, and the impact of his work has been realized in the community. A lot of ordinary citizens are happier that they can now make sound  best investment decisions with the help of the advice that they get from Paul. Paul Mampilly also claims to be having more joyous moments with his family since he can now afford adequate time for them.

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Robert Deignan Remedies to Technological Distractions

Robert Deignan has been a technological solution provider to thousands of people in the USA. He has one of the best approaches in the ever-changing world of technology. One of his interests as the CEO and a co-founder of a revolutionary company- ATS Digital Services is how to make technology work for users instead of the other way.

First, Robert Deignan identifies a worrying trend among many technology users. According to him, as technology becomes more accessible, people are more distracted by these advancements. The distraction has a spiral effect on the productivity of many people. Contrasting with previous technology eras, Deignan notices a bad technology approach to adopting the new dispensation. However, according to him, , there are still a couple of things that can be done to reverse this worrying trend.

The first approach to reversing this reality is by taking control of how one uses technology. According to Robert Deignan, as technology continues to take control over every life aspect, users are left with little control. Pointing to recent researches, Deignan argues that a typical smartphone user is more likely to check on their phones more compared to other times in history. However, if a user takes control on the way they interact with technology, distractions will be minimal and therefore more productivity.

With the knowledge that the new technology has the ability to change how people think and perceive life, Robert Deignan calls for more caution on the excessive use of and exposure to technology. Robert Deignan quotes London cabs drivers and routes’ study that indicated the effects of overlearning a concept. According to him, the same can happen to technology users. This is however specific to smartphone users. His advice to technology users is to be cautious and spread tasks throughout the day. In diversifying, the user will not only have a more objective view of life but also benefit fully from technology.

To Robert Deignan, these remedies have shaped the work philosophy of his company in the last seven years they have been in existence. He is also a strong believer of diversified use of technology.

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The Chainsmokers Brilliant Approach to EDM

Music pundits have described the Chainsmokers as the future of EDM. Most of their songs for the last 24 months have received massive airplay around the world. It is hard not to notice their massive YouTube viewership. For example, ‘Something Just Like’ a project they featured Coldplay is among the few songs to reach 1 billion views-mark. The reception their work has been receiving is exceptionally great. They have been recognized in more than 16 different awards for their different works. The most iconic wins were 2017 (Grammys for best dance recording) and all iHeartRadio awards. What is the story behind this legendary group?

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall formed the group in 2012. Their musical journeys are different but interesting. Alex Pall, for example, played guitar in his youth and eventually later became a DJ. On the other hand, Andrew Taggart has played every interesting instrument. The different musical exposures have given each of the band members a different approach to music. Music pundits have termed their music as different and futurist. In EDM world, the sound is judged by its ability to be unique and Chainsmokers have achieved this authenticity of sound. In addition, both of them can fully produce tracks but Andrew Taggart takes full control of production while Alex Pall now concentrates on playing as a DJ.

To keep pushing musical boundaries, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall point out that they listen to a lot of music. For example, iTunes, Spotify, and Hypem are their main source of new and experimental sounds. Accessing different inspirational music from around the world makes the Chainsmokers ahead of time. According to them some modern musical giants such as Skrillex and Diplo continues to inspire the duo and to push creative boundaries. Playing in different countries also inspires them to be better.

The most discussed collaboration project by the duo is ‘Closer’ with the talented Halsey. The group points out that the main inspiration of working with Halsey was because she fitted well with the Chainsmokers musical journey and because she is talented. Unlike other EDM artists, the ability to sing and write music is their strongest musical strongpoint.

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Equities First Hoodings is a company that has revolutionized the way lending is done. Founded in 2002 in Indianapolis Indiana, by Al Christy Jr. The main objective of the company is to give the customers a better chance of obtaining the funds they need to qualify for loans. The company focuses on individuals that want the funding to meet their obligations but may not qualify for conventional loans but they own shares or other securities.

This method of borrowing is gaining popularity because, it is secured against the shares and securities, the conditions of qualification are usually less stringent. The company also keeps interest rates low so that the customers could repay easily. Equities First Holdings has operations in five countries including the United States. They are located in Thailand, China, United States, United Kingdom in addition to the United States. Due to the success of the operations, the company has future plans to open in more countries.

Equities First Holdings’s: Twitter

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Matt Badiali: Silver is an Ideal Investment Opportunity

Matt Badiali is a professional who sees investments in a different perspective. The finance guru holds the position of editor in a company called Banyan Hill. Matt Badiali focuses on various metals, and he has been showing other investors that it is easy and very possible to earn wealth through this department. In his career in natural resources, the scientist has helped many Americans to purchase metals and at the end of the day earn some good wealth. Badiali has been studying mining for a very long time, and he realized that most of the silver mines in the world contain precious items such as oil, gold, and many other metals. The businessman chose to educate the international community about his discovery so that they could take advantage of the opportunity and earn good revenue.

Unlike most of the professionals in finance, Matt Badiali is an expert in geology and natural resources. His website shows that he got his first degree in earth science from Penn State University. Badiali was also a student at Florida Atlantic University where he got skills in geology. The instructors at the university realized that the young man was very intelligent in his activities, and his work ethics were rare in the industry. Before they could persuade him to go for further education, the businessman decided to focus on investments fully, and his career has been great since then.

When most experts are advising investors, they always urge them to consider gold, tin, cobalt, natural gas, and silver. In the past, most people have taken this advice seriously, and they have been making money. In the recent times, however, Matt Badiali has been asking his followers to invest in silver and wait for bigger earnings. The value of silver has been doing well in the market, and it has stabilized. If you are interested in an investment opportunity that will not disappoint you, it is the right time to purchase silver and wait for your millions. Matt Badiali is sure that the people who will take his advice seriously will end up with very good profits.

About Matt Badiali:

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The Political Conservative Views of Education Secretary DeVos

The Education Secretary of the United States Betsy DeVos has lived her life with a politically conservative viewpoint. She was chosen as education secretary by President Donald Trump for her active involvement within the Republican political party and due to her ambitions for incorporating the school choice method across the country. The blend of conservatism and her interest in school choice makes DeVos an interesting addition to the current education department for the time being. Despite her conservative views, DeVos has still been capable of listening to both sides of the political divide. Her approach in the current times is a necessity in a world where far too many of the American people refuse to hear each other out. How has DeVos been capable of listening to both sides though with the severity of division looming overhead?


Her approach to handling the division is to ultimately tune out the media. DeVos has been attacked repetitively by various American media outlets for a perceived lack of experience in the education field and some of her comments being used out of context to make her appear ignorant or of limited intellect. DeVos stated that in response to the media’s push to make her appear foolish about the education department, she has chosen to only listen, read, or watch unbiased news sources. This has permitted her to keep functioning without just becoming blinded by media opinions of her work and the work of others in the Trump administration.


Education Secretary DeVos may have chosen to tune out media opinion pieces, but she has also chosen to listen to both voices of the political divide concerning the education department. One example of her active listening to both sides was her response to the Trump administration’s decision to remove transgender bathroom rights from the education department. DeVos may be of a more conservative stance, but she still could see the importance in listening to both sides of the issue. She spoke with President Trump and Attorney General Sessions about the decision. Her stance on the issue was disagreement with the decision. She continued to support the president but she also wrote a letter to her department that she hoped individually schools would still consider writing up their own rules regarding transgender bathroom rights. DeVos also listened to both sides of the political divide concerning the recent school shootings that led to the March for our Lives activism by students and school faculty across the country. Betsy DeVos has pushed for an open debate in Congress concerning the matter of gun violence in schools and mental illness in the nation. Her views are that mental illness is to blame for the problem, but she still was open to debate in Congress by congresspeople with different views to come up with various solutions. Her views that despite differences Americans can still come up with solutions is exactly what the nation needs in the current politically divided climate. Whether we are conservative, moderate, or liberal, all of us should be seeking solutions together.


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How Ted Baumann Is Helping Investor Create Wealth In The Long-Run

Born and brought up in Washington D.C., Ted Bauman has an experience of more than two decades in the finance sector. Currently, he is the author and the editor of The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club, two financial newsletters published by the Banyan Tree Hill, that offer unique investment strategies for both small-sized and mid-sized investors. He specializes in devising low-risk investment strategies and complete asset protection from unforeseen market crashes.

Since his childhood, he was focused on what he wanted to do. He graduated from the University of Cape Town and pursued his post-graduate degree in the field on History and Economics. In his two-decade of service, Ted worked in diverse executive roles that include being a fund manager.

Recently, Ted Bauman shared his fortified tips on how to protect your assets in the scenario of a market crash. Ted Bauman explicitly mentioned how rules-based selling leads to an unexpected market crash. Rules-based selling has two further sub-divisions namely valuation-level sell (stock sold at a high intrinsic value) and opportunity-cost sell (replacement of stocks with the impression of high profits in the future).

During a recession or a similar event, the dip in the market raises panic alarms in investors and they sell their major holding in the hope of controlling damage, which should be avoided as the market stabilizes in sometime thus increasing the value of your holdings eventually.

Ted Bauman believes in insulating one’s investment portfolio from the temptation to deal with high-returns high-risk investments is the best way to generate a steady source of income.

Rather than investing in short-term, high-risk stocks, Ted suggests investing in safer and reliable schemes like bonds. These bonds rely on dividends and almost stay unaffected by the fluctuations in the market. Though bonds are safe, they do not contribute to a fast-paced option for wealth generation. So Ted Baumann suggests the investors to invest in both bonds and stocks, called a balanced economic plan that provides attractive dividends every year. Bonds protect the portfolio during market crashes and the stocks generate good wealth during the peak days.

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Jason Hope is Changing Lives Through Technology-Based Philanthropic Efforts

Jason Hope has hit headlines for good reasons severally. He is a renowned businessman and philanthropist based in Arizona. Recently, news were out that he donated $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation, a foundation which is focused on anti-aging research. Well, he is a huge contributor to the foundation.

The foundation used the funds to build Cambridge SENS Laboratory and start a new research program. Jason Hope was impressed by SENS Research Foundation’s efforts to come up with cures for degenerative diseases that causes aging. He said that SENS Research Foundation’s research will go a long way into improving the quality of life as well as prolong lives.

Jason Hope is not satisfied by the efforts made to change the traditional norm of focusing on treating diseases rather than focusing on preventing them. Funding SENS is one of his efforts to make sure that focus is shifted to disease prevention. Because of his love for technology, he looks to support any scientific research that thrives on innovation.

It turns out Jason Hope’s philanthropy is diverse and now, he is also looking to impact communities positively through his Internet of Things (IoT) efforts. He unveils the potential IoT has to solve problems that you face in your day-to-day life. You are probably asking yourself, what is Internet of Things? Well, it is interconnection of devices such as home appliances, vehicles tablets among other “intelligent” devices. Read this article at to know more.

By 2020, it is predicted that over 30 million objects will have been interconnected. IoT allows for the devices to be controlled remotely in a manner that will bring about device efficiency, many benefits and ultimately, an improved economy. Jason Hope released a book about this promising technology.

The Jason’s book seeks to guide people through IoT and make them aware of how it works as well as how it is going to benefit the society. Today’s society has been impacted greatly by technology advancement and specifically, IoT. It has changed how businesses operate and how you interact with the world. Currently, purchases can be made online and the world has evolved into a global village with the internet.

Well, Jason being technology-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, IoT aligns well with his way of giving back to the community and promoting the society. In his book, he guides readers on various aspects of IoT and how to harness it to get the most out of it and as a result, improve your daily life, get better satisfaction and make things run much more smoothly.






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