Lime Crime’s Venus III Gives You the Purple You Need This Spring

This spring hues of purple are one of the most popular colors for the springtime months. Lime Crime’s latest eyeshadow palette -Venus III- has everything you need to achieve all of your eyeshadow makeup goals. The Venus III palette has a variety of pinks, purples, and peach hue tones that are perfect to work together for various reasons.

The Venus III eyeshadow palette is one of a series of eyeshadow palettes from the Lime Crime makeup brand. The original Venus palette was made up of primarily grunge colors. The Venus palette had burnt orange and brown hues for eye makeup looks. The Venus II palette is made up of blues, greens, and some brownish hues. The colors were made to create more dramatic eyeshadow looks. The Venus XL palette has a variety of colors for both grunge and dramatic eye makeup looks. The Venus III palette is different, but still has the same high impact color of the past Venus palettes.

The Venus III palette has a variety of pink and purple colors in matte and shimmer eyeshadows. The matte options include: Dreamy, Ecstasy, Paradise, and Bliss. Dreamy is a magenta hued eyeshadow. It’s perfect to cover your entire eyelid to make them pop. Ecstasy is a deep brown colored eyeshadow. It makes a beautiful contour color. The Paradise color is bright purple color. Bliss is a nice peach color that’s great for neutral eye makeup looks or to use as an accent with the rest of your eyeshadow look. The shimmer options are Beam, Heavenly, Rapture, and Beloved. Beam is a shimmery purple hue. It can be used as a main eye color for your eyelid. Heavenly is a golden color. Rapture is a neutral nude shimmer color. Beloved is a brown shimmery color that is perfect for contour eye makeup.

You can find the Venus III palette for your eyeshadow looks at their online store. You can also find the Lime Crime brand at some select Urban Outfitters. They’re also available at the official Amazon seller page.

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OSI Group Continues its Expansion Activities

The food industry can be a money making department for companies who are well prepared for the job. There are, however, many companies that have failed to earn any profits just because the consumers did not like the services and products they are getting. The hospitality department has become very competitive in the recent times, making many people work day and night so that they can introduce new strategies. There are food giants that have been in the market for a long time, and they have already established their names in the tight markets. Competing with these giants is not an easy task. These companies have a lot of resources and expertise, and they know how to please their customers.

When OSI Group was started several years ago in America, the founder wanted to excel in an area that was already dominated by powerful companies. This businessman wanted to make an emperor that would last for many years. Decades later, the OSI Group is one of the most successful meat processing companies that are operating in the international market. At first, the OSI Group was only providing beef products to the clients. With time, the company has expanded, and it is now offering a wide variety of foods to consumers. The company has also ventured into various markets in the international platforms. By understanding the needs of the customers in other parts of the globe, OSI Group has managed to move to other markets, and it is leading with excellent services.

When Sheldon Lavin, a top American finance executive officer joined the company more than forty years ago, the company experienced a great change. Sheldon Lavin joined the company when it was only operating in America only. With his help, however, the company started to invest in several other companies, and it did so well. The businessman is an expert in management of international markets, and he knows how to take on the new markets. Sheldon Lavin did his best, and this is why the company has been moving from one region to the other.

At the moment, the food processing global firm gives employment opportunities to over twenty thousand professionals in the world. All of these people are given very good remuneration, and they also enjoy many employee benefits. The employees are versed with the skills required in the international market, and this is the primary reason the company has impressed its customers.

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The Incredible Story Of The Success Of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello grew up in Newark, New Jersey in a working class family. His humble beginnings led to his donations for a neurological disease totaling millions of dollars and his running the biggest land based drilling business in the world. His career has met with astounding success. His success resulted from the combination of hard work, natural gifts and creative thinking.

The story of Tony Petrello began when he attended public school. Even then his sharp mind, outgoing attitude and ability to speak out regarding what he felt was important were apparent. He became famous in high school due to his incredible prowess in mathematics. This led to a scholarship from Yale and the mentorship of Serge Lang. Lang was a brilliant professor, author and mathematician. Mr. Petrello chose the field of law over mathematics. He earned his Masters and Bachelors degrees while attending Yale. This was also where he met a woman named Cynthia that would one day become his wife.

After Tony Petrello graduated from Yale he attended Harvard Law School. During the 1970’s he graduated and embarked on his career. He joined the Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979. He became a managing partner in 1986 for the division in New York. A client named Nabors Industries would eventually change his life. In 2011 he became the Chief Executive Officer for this client. He had worked in close contact with Nabors and made a lasting impression. The impact he made on the account was noticed along with his hard work. Mr. Petrello was now a business executive. He moved to Texas for his career and has called it home ever since.

The Petrello’s have made donations to the Texas Children’s Hospital for more than $7 million. Their daughter Carena was born towards the end of the 1990’s with cerebral palsy. This led to numerous complications and issues. He wanted to provide help for the other children with this condition which led to his donation. He also took a seat on the Texas Children’s Hospital’s board of trustees. His donation built a complex for pediatric neurological care. Children from all over the world have been treated and numerous families have hope due to the generosity of Tony Petrello.

Mr. Petrello has often said his numerous accomplishments were a result of luck. Everyone who knows him disagrees including his family, friends and colleagues. His good fortune and success are a direct result of his big heart and powerful work ethic.

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Equities First Holdings Secures Recourse Loans

Who Is Equities First Holdings LLC

Equities First Holdings is a reputable small investment lender to personal investors and small corporations. Their team of professionals will assume the risk of your loan with ample collateral. Customers are only invited to a loan under the strict guidelines of their evaluation risk. First Holdings has also secured a deal with Australia. Get more out of your loan opportunity with a friendly professional that will sit down and evaluate your personal finances. Thousands of nationwide and international customers trust their friendlces.y team of professionals to secure their loan. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to secure a security equity loan with the leaders in the industry.

More Equities First News

There is a friendly customer service Equities First Holdings LLC, professional available for a free consultation of your financial equity. Get the start you deserve with your new business today.

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OSI Group’s Recent Acquisitions

Baho Foods, a Dutch manufacturing company that is known for producing convenience snacks and foods, was recently bought by the American food service company, OSI Group. The privately owned company has stated that this will strengthen their own position in Europe, as well as widening their offers of products even more. On the homefront, OSI also bought the 200,000 square foot production facility in Chicago, previously owned by TYson Foods. With this acquisition, OSI not only strengthens its own production capabilities in the the Northern United States, but has also save thousands of jobs of people who had worked at the manufacturing facility. This dual acquisition on two fronts oceans apart further shows why OSI is one of the leading foodstuff manufacturers and food service providers in the world.

But no company is simply born to greatness, and neither was OSI. Founded by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909, OSI began as a small, family owned meat market. The German born immigrant immediately set about providing top quality meat and fish products to the community, dubbed Otto and Son’s, and caught the attention of two brothers who would change the food service industry forever. Despite being a small burger shop at the time, Kolschowsky accepted the McDonalds brothers offer to be one of their beef suppliers. It was this decision that would seal Otto and Son’s future. With the evolution of cryofreezing and the storage opportunities it represented for food, the fast food industry experienced a massive surge in the 1960.

As a result McDonalds cut ties with all but 4 of its many beef suppliers, estimated to be somewhere between 150 and 200 separate businesses at its highest. With Otto and Son’s landing one of the four positions, the now blossoming company was inexplicably tied to the success of the fast food restaurant. As McDonald’s global influence grew, so too did Otto and Son’s profits. In 1975, the company changed its name to OSI Industries, and eventually became McDonald’s only supplier. The company has remained privately owned throughout its entire existence, and made the 58th spot on the Forbes list of largest privately owned businesses.

OSI’s production includes a wide variety of different food products, with an emphasis on meat and fish products hailing to its founding purpose and the influence that McDonalds has had on it. As it’s national and international influence continues to grow, it is expected that OSI will continue to expand its success for a long time.

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Paul Mampilly, Appraisal Of Funds

Paul Mampilly is looking at the Cryptocurrency markets with a whole new set of spectacles than the average trader and investor would at the sight of this apparently exquisite opportunity. While the buyers are running in and hoping that the price of each share reaches one thousand times the amount they put into it like what happened in 2017, Paul Mampilly foresees a much more pragmatic and realistic drawn out conclusion about the alternative coins and bit coins. Follow Paul on Facebook. He predicts that while in the long run the cost of digital coins could be held at similar values in kinship to precious gems and stones, they are not the safest places to store ones money into in order to grow their portfolio to ungodly successful amounts of cash. He compares the current phenomena with bitcoin to the years of 1999 and 2000, which were the years a stock by the name of Dot Com took off because of the news and the big hits it was getting investors in their wallets and pockets. He even had a friend who was making a good lump sum of money as it kept compounding and compounding over and over again in this portfolio option of Dot Com. Paul Mampilly suggested that she sell her shares before everything would come collapsing down to negative account statements, but she insisted that the hype around this option was enough to keep uptrending in the long term. Follow Paul on Evevitably, the cost of each stock died down to zero, and she had to take a huge loss and empty pockets in return for not heeding Paul’s advice. Even he was invested in the market of Dot Com as prices were stair stepping up and in the money, but then he realized that the fundementals of the company he was putting generous amounts of cash flow into were missing and due to the red flags he saw in the basics of the orginization he sold all of his shares. He at first felt like he made a grave error but then his doubts were confirmed when the company plummeted to zero value. His wallet and his emotional state were happy, because what could have been lost was saved and kept in his bank account. The point here is that while the news and the fans of crypto currency are fighting for the conclusion that Cryptocurrency is going to replace government regulated records, the fact remains that it is in short term a very volitale bubble which could pop at any moment without regarding the investors who poured their capital into a perceived gold mine.


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Ronald Fowlkes: Impacting Future Generations through Close Mentorship

Ronald Fowlkes is a great mentor who is passionate to give back to the community through his mentorship initiative. His son is a member of a team known as St. Louis Blues Triple whereas Ronald is not a coach but a trainer as well as responsible for all their equipment facilities. According to Ronald, equipment matters big time. Ronald Fowlkes is a leader at FirstSpear, an organization that supplies tactical equipment to peacekeepers and soldiers the entire world. His first encounter with gear was when he was in uniform and while on that he got familiar with equipment that makes a soldier. FirstSpear became a great motivation to Ronald. His role in the team was that of an equipment person and this is what enables him to teach children the significance of their gear. Ronald continues to say he lets the kids understand that the well-maintained equipment can be a determinant of winning or losing in any game or engagement. This means that the gear should be well-kept and preserved after the practices.


Ronald Fowlkes joined marines after his high school and later joined the police department. For him, serving is one of the great things to do apart from being in uniform. Ronald has a sensual love for his country and his desire is to help in making it a better place. He adores and embraces with passion the opportunities of guiding and leading young generations in the correct line of life. He is the off-ice trainer for the team and he does it with passion. Along the training, Ronald Fowlkes acknowledges the significance of mentorship to the kids. Ronald states that he enjoys sharing his personal stories with the kids so that they can realize that everybody else out there is concerned about their success in life. For Ronald, mentorship benefits both the mentor and the mentee in equal measures. Sharing with kids and allowing them to understand that there is someone they can trust and open their hearts to enables him to receive more feedback and this accords him greater experience in the public and military sector. It changes the view of life in general and brings fulfilment especially when he answers their questions satisfactorily.


Getting to know Ronald Fowlkes in depth, he is an American hero. Currently serving at Eagle Industries Limited Inc., ATK, as the business development manager of law enforcement or commercial products. His specialty is in production education, commercial products, and law enforcement among other things like product selection and customer service calls. ATK is a sporting and security company with more than 30 years’ experience in sporting applications and innovation military. They manufacture gear, sport shooting products, and optics. Ronald’s professional background has placed him in the current position in the company where he is doing exploits.


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Waiakea Water Conserving the Environment

When it comes to water sustainability then Waiakea Water is at the forefront according to the company’s CEO and founder Ryan Emmons. Not many of us think about PH of the products we consume and this posses a great health challenge to us. Generally, consuming foods with low PH or acidic in nature is not recommended as it will affect our health. This is why foods with High PH are recommended. Waiakea Water Company uses this concept to make its water. The Waiakea Water is extracted from the Hawaii volcanic peak which has a naturally occurring PH of 8.8.

Waiakea Water is one such company that has made tremendous strides in embracing eco-friendly processes in its business model. The company was established in 2012 and it is based in California with its specialization being the extraction and bottling of drinking Hawaii volcanic water. The name Waiakea is from a Hawaiian name that means broad waters. The water the company uses is extracted from in the primeval active peak of Mauna Loa in Hawaii. The water is collected on the eastern side of the Mauna Loa peak. The water is volcanic water since its source is a volcanic peak. It is sweet and contains loads of electrolytes and minerals that will surely quench your body’s thirst. Once extraction has been done, the water is ferried to California’s base station for processing and subsequent packaging.

Waiakea Water prides itself on being a company that has embraced environmental friendly processes in its operations. The company uses low emitting trucks to ferry the water and this led to it being awarded a certification of carbon neutral. The company further ensures that it supports environmental conservation programs through donating part of its water sales revenues. For instance it has supported some of Malawi’s environmental projects. The company has also partnered with Pump Aid to ensure that rural communities in Africa continue to receive water.

One of the company’s milestone is the use of fully degradable bottle to package its water a first if its kind in the world. This shows Waiakea Water’s dedication to environmental conservation. To recognize its contribution in the industry, the company was named on the 500 list of fastest growing companies in the United States.

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NGP VAN Offers Democratic & Progressive Candidates Essential Pre-Campaign Launch Tips

With a slate of leftist candidates looking to take on Republicans in the 2018 mid-term elections, and in the wake of high-profile Democratic victories in New Jersey and Alabama in late 2017 to replace Republican incumbents, the need to understand and internalize the intricacies of successfully launching a campaign is as important to Democratic and progressive candidates as it’s ever been. An article, published on Medium by NGP VAN, details important steps progressive candidates must take before the launch days of their campaigns.


The article urges the building of a communications plan, through which a candidate outlines their platform and messaging, in essence identifying and highlighting what issues they intend to run on. Next, a website is greatly advised, as the inability for interested voters to find a candidate on the web from launch day may prove a significant handicap.


The article also suggests acquiring the services of a CRM, like NGP VAN’s Digital 8, to provide general electoral management services to the campaign. Next, campaigners are urged to invest the time in creating a memorable and easily recognizable brand identity – like a logo and color scheme – as well as prepping social media accounts to take advantage of the current web-based media landscape.


Mobile and SMS programs intended to mobilize voters and volunteers are advised, as are digital advertising campaigns on various leading platforms such as Google and Facebook.


Finally, the article suggest preparation in anticipation of phone banking campaigns aimed at likely voters and donors who could be critical to the success of the candidate.


NGP VAN is a voter database, electoral consultancy, online fundraiser and web hosting service that is used by the Democratic Party, as well as Democratic party campaigns, both in primary and general elections.


Created in 2010, NGP VAN offers a variety of services and products from micro-targeting and database maintenance to campaign analysis and fundraising management. The platform has been used by leading Democratic and progressive figures such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders since its launch.


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OSI Group And Their Exemplary Work In The Food-Processing Industry

OSI Group and their exemplary work in the food-processing industry

OSI Group is the prime international supplier of customized value-added edible food products. They provide their stock to all leading global retail as well as food service brands all over the world. It is the most significant privatized company in the United States of America. The company’s memo is to offer unreplaceable resources as well as reach a massive number of customers.

OSI Group has a very extensive curriculum which entails developing customized food products as well as supplying the products globally through their distribution chain management. The company is also invested in the processing and manufacturing of the food products. All these functions are done with the preference of the customer so that they can maximize their opportunity and operation.

OSI Group has an estimate of over 65 centers of operation with more than twenty thousand employed staff. The facilities are all spread in seventeen countries all over the world. The company has an efficiently trustful chain supply with which they use. The company also has a vast knowledge of skills in culinary arts as well as flavors. The company also practices quality safety of their food products.

OSI Group is an American company that is a privatized company having its interests in the meat processing industry. It has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, Texas. The company was formerly recognized and known as OSI Industries Incorporated having been started in 1909 by a German called Otto Kolschowsky. Its new name, OSI Group LLC, was given to it in the year 2004.

The Board members who constitute the management team in OSI Group include: Sheldon Lavin who acts as both the Chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, David G. McDonald who is the President and also the COO, Bill Weimer who is the Executive Vice President and CFO, Brent Afman who is the Senior VP as well as General Manager of Further Processing, and finally Stefan Chen who is also the Senior VP and GM of Primary Processing.

The company, through its subsidiary OSI Food Solutions UK, was awarded on the 25th of November, 2016 with the Globe of Honour Award. This prestigious award was presented by the British Safety Council for their top-notch performance in the management of environmental risks. This implies that the company earned the 5 star in the audit done by the British Safety Council. The award was conducted at the Drapers’ Hall in London in an Awards Luncheon.

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