Matt Badiali: Silver is an Ideal Investment Opportunity

Matt Badiali is a professional who sees investments in a different perspective. The finance guru holds the position of editor in a company called Banyan Hill. Matt Badiali focuses on various metals, and he has been showing other investors that it is easy and very possible to earn wealth through this department. In his career in natural resources, the scientist has helped many Americans to purchase metals and at the end of the day earn some good wealth. Badiali has been studying mining for a very long time, and he realized that most of the silver mines in the world contain precious items such as oil, gold, and many other metals. The businessman chose to educate the international community about his discovery so that they could take advantage of the opportunity and earn good revenue.

Unlike most of the professionals in finance, Matt Badiali is an expert in geology and natural resources. His website shows that he got his first degree in earth science from Penn State University. Badiali was also a student at Florida Atlantic University where he got skills in geology. The instructors at the university realized that the young man was very intelligent in his activities, and his work ethics were rare in the industry. Before they could persuade him to go for further education, the businessman decided to focus on investments fully, and his career has been great since then.

When most experts are advising investors, they always urge them to consider gold, tin, cobalt, natural gas, and silver. In the past, most people have taken this advice seriously, and they have been making money. In the recent times, however, Matt Badiali has been asking his followers to invest in silver and wait for bigger earnings. The value of silver has been doing well in the market, and it has stabilized. If you are interested in an investment opportunity that will not disappoint you, it is the right time to purchase silver and wait for your millions. Matt Badiali is sure that the people who will take his advice seriously will end up with very good profits.

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The Political Conservative Views of Education Secretary DeVos

The Education Secretary of the United States Betsy DeVos has lived her life with a politically conservative viewpoint. She was chosen as education secretary by President Donald Trump for her active involvement within the Republican political party and due to her ambitions for incorporating the school choice method across the country. The blend of conservatism and her interest in school choice makes DeVos an interesting addition to the current education department for the time being. Despite her conservative views, DeVos has still been capable of listening to both sides of the political divide. Her approach in the current times is a necessity in a world where far too many of the American people refuse to hear each other out. How has DeVos been capable of listening to both sides though with the severity of division looming overhead?


Her approach to handling the division is to ultimately tune out the media. DeVos has been attacked repetitively by various American media outlets for a perceived lack of experience in the education field and some of her comments being used out of context to make her appear ignorant or of limited intellect. DeVos stated that in response to the media’s push to make her appear foolish about the education department, she has chosen to only listen, read, or watch unbiased news sources. This has permitted her to keep functioning without just becoming blinded by media opinions of her work and the work of others in the Trump administration.


Education Secretary DeVos may have chosen to tune out media opinion pieces, but she has also chosen to listen to both voices of the political divide concerning the education department. One example of her active listening to both sides was her response to the Trump administration’s decision to remove transgender bathroom rights from the education department. DeVos may be of a more conservative stance, but she still could see the importance in listening to both sides of the issue. She spoke with President Trump and Attorney General Sessions about the decision. Her stance on the issue was disagreement with the decision. She continued to support the president but she also wrote a letter to her department that she hoped individually schools would still consider writing up their own rules regarding transgender bathroom rights. DeVos also listened to both sides of the political divide concerning the recent school shootings that led to the March for our Lives activism by students and school faculty across the country. Betsy DeVos has pushed for an open debate in Congress concerning the matter of gun violence in schools and mental illness in the nation. Her views are that mental illness is to blame for the problem, but she still was open to debate in Congress by congresspeople with different views to come up with various solutions. Her views that despite differences Americans can still come up with solutions is exactly what the nation needs in the current politically divided climate. Whether we are conservative, moderate, or liberal, all of us should be seeking solutions together.


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How Ted Baumann Is Helping Investor Create Wealth In The Long-Run

Born and brought up in Washington D.C., Ted Bauman has an experience of more than two decades in the finance sector. Currently, he is the author and the editor of The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club, two financial newsletters published by the Banyan Tree Hill, that offer unique investment strategies for both small-sized and mid-sized investors. He specializes in devising low-risk investment strategies and complete asset protection from unforeseen market crashes.

Since his childhood, he was focused on what he wanted to do. He graduated from the University of Cape Town and pursued his post-graduate degree in the field on History and Economics. In his two-decade of service, Ted worked in diverse executive roles that include being a fund manager.

Recently, Ted Bauman shared his fortified tips on how to protect your assets in the scenario of a market crash. Ted Bauman explicitly mentioned how rules-based selling leads to an unexpected market crash. Rules-based selling has two further sub-divisions namely valuation-level sell (stock sold at a high intrinsic value) and opportunity-cost sell (replacement of stocks with the impression of high profits in the future).

During a recession or a similar event, the dip in the market raises panic alarms in investors and they sell their major holding in the hope of controlling damage, which should be avoided as the market stabilizes in sometime thus increasing the value of your holdings eventually.

Ted Bauman believes in insulating one’s investment portfolio from the temptation to deal with high-returns high-risk investments is the best way to generate a steady source of income.

Rather than investing in short-term, high-risk stocks, Ted suggests investing in safer and reliable schemes like bonds. These bonds rely on dividends and almost stay unaffected by the fluctuations in the market. Though bonds are safe, they do not contribute to a fast-paced option for wealth generation. So Ted Baumann suggests the investors to invest in both bonds and stocks, called a balanced economic plan that provides attractive dividends every year. Bonds protect the portfolio during market crashes and the stocks generate good wealth during the peak days.

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Jason Hope is Changing Lives Through Technology-Based Philanthropic Efforts

Jason Hope has hit headlines for good reasons severally. He is a renowned businessman and philanthropist based in Arizona. Recently, news were out that he donated $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation, a foundation which is focused on anti-aging research. Well, he is a huge contributor to the foundation.

The foundation used the funds to build Cambridge SENS Laboratory and start a new research program. Jason Hope was impressed by SENS Research Foundation’s efforts to come up with cures for degenerative diseases that causes aging. He said that SENS Research Foundation’s research will go a long way into improving the quality of life as well as prolong lives.

Jason Hope is not satisfied by the efforts made to change the traditional norm of focusing on treating diseases rather than focusing on preventing them. Funding SENS is one of his efforts to make sure that focus is shifted to disease prevention. Because of his love for technology, he looks to support any scientific research that thrives on innovation.

It turns out Jason Hope’s philanthropy is diverse and now, he is also looking to impact communities positively through his Internet of Things (IoT) efforts. He unveils the potential IoT has to solve problems that you face in your day-to-day life. You are probably asking yourself, what is Internet of Things? Well, it is interconnection of devices such as home appliances, vehicles tablets among other “intelligent” devices. Read this article at to know more.

By 2020, it is predicted that over 30 million objects will have been interconnected. IoT allows for the devices to be controlled remotely in a manner that will bring about device efficiency, many benefits and ultimately, an improved economy. Jason Hope released a book about this promising technology.

The Jason’s book seeks to guide people through IoT and make them aware of how it works as well as how it is going to benefit the society. Today’s society has been impacted greatly by technology advancement and specifically, IoT. It has changed how businesses operate and how you interact with the world. Currently, purchases can be made online and the world has evolved into a global village with the internet.

Well, Jason being technology-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, IoT aligns well with his way of giving back to the community and promoting the society. In his book, he guides readers on various aspects of IoT and how to harness it to get the most out of it and as a result, improve your daily life, get better satisfaction and make things run much more smoothly.






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The Benefits of Professional Organizations Such as the AIA Headed by Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is a distinguished architect who currently holds the positions of Executive Vice President and CEO at the American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy earned his bachelor’s degree at Sewanee: The University of the South, and he earned a masters degree in architecture from Tulane. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Before taking up his role at the AIA, Mr. Ivy was the editor-in-chief at Architectural Record. He has been recognized with several prestigious awards includinig the Crain Award and the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

Organizations such as the AIA, of which Robert Ivy is the CEO, provide their members with several important benefits. One of the benefits is the networking opportunities available during the meetings held by the organization. When an organization such as the AIA has its meetings, architects have the opportunity to get to know more about changes and developments in the field. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Groups such as the AIA under the leadership of Robert Ivy also help promote the interests of its members. When there is a piece of legislation that is being discussed that might be of interest to a particular profession, that group’s trade organization can lobby on behalf of the members so that the members’ interests are protected.

Being a member of a professional organization such as the AIA provides members with the type of credentials that employers are looking for. Being chosen as a part of a professional organization means that the member has met certain criteria for inclusion. It means that the member has the respect of others who are his peers in the field.

One additional benefit of being a part of a professional organization is that when a job loss occurs, the organization will serve as a good place to learn about other positions that are available. Employers will often notify professional organizations when there is a vacancy because they are looking for people with the best credentials in the field.


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Dr. Saad Saad: Integrity in service

Talking of great personalities in the medical industry, Dr. Saad Saad ranks as one of them. He is an experienced pediatric surgeon from New Jersey who recently retired from the profession after serving for four decades. His reputation in this profession is impeccable. In the period he has served as a pediatric surgeon, he has helped thousands of patients from different parts of the world to access good treatment. He has also tried as much as possible to get the best medical treatment procedures to use on his patients. He believes in preserving the life of the patient by using the safest options available. He is one of the professionals who has contributed significantly to the growth of the medical industry by embracing research and always looking for newer methods of doing work.




Dr. Saad Saad has been through a journey that is inspiring to many people. He has been in the medical industry for so many years but never has been on the wrong side by being accused of misconduct. He has treated the profession with respect and knows that every person needs to be treated equally. There are no human beings who need medical attention more than others.




Saad Sad has his origin in Palestine. He was born in the 1940s’s when the state of Israel was being formed. There were tussles between the Palestine and Israel, and as a result, he found himself living as a refugee in Kuwait due to the conflicts. Despite being a refugee, he never gave up on the things he wanted in life. His father reminded him that the only way they would live a happier life was by embraced education. Challenged by his father, Saad took the initiative to pursue higher education. He attended Cairo University and pursued a medical degree. He graduated among the top in his class, an achievement that opened so many doors for him.




Saad got an opportunity to move to the United States 47 years ago. He was determined to become a certified pediatric surgeon in the country, and therefore the first thing that he did when he moved into the country was to seek accreditation from the American Medical Board. He attained this goal in a short time an accomplishment that was not possible for many doctors at the time. Dr. Saad Saad was determined to overcome all the challenges he met on the way until he succeeded.




As a certified doctor with an origin in the Middle East, Dr. Saad Saad was in the 1980s hired by the Saudi Royal Family as their private pediatric surgeon, a position he held on to for fur and a half years before returning to New Jersey to continue with the practice. Learn more :



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Deirdre Baggot’s Influence Is Moving The Healthcare Industry Forward When It Comes To Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot is a valuable member of Camden Group as its knowledgeable vice president. Ms. Baggot has racked up an impressive length of experience during her strong career inside the healthcare industry, and Bundled Payments are a large part of her success. She worked closely with Medicare and Medicaid in 2012 in an effort to help with implementation and improvement of payments systems. Prior to her rise in prominence, however, she first needed to gain the proper education with which she would. Begin her career. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile on Linkedin

The University of Colorado and the Loyola Graduate School in Chicago both helped to prepare her for her career, and after graduating with both a B.S in Nursing and an M.B.A. in Business Administration she embarked on a long professional career. Before rising to her current position, Baggot worked previously as both the executive of a hospital and as a clinical officer. Northwestern Medical Hospital is a notable place from which she gained experience. CMS ACE and Acute Care both benefited from her influence, and today she is regarded by her peers as a leading expert when it comes to healthcare payment methods.

In addition to payment methods, another area on which Deirdre Baggot has placed a great deal of focus throughout her career is the relationship between individual clients. Hundreds of medical facilities have benefited from Baggot’s role in implementing bundled payments. The goal of these payment methods is to create a better experience for the patients and significantly decrease the costs involved with their treatments. The results of Ms. Baggot’s work have led to her being interviewed on many different media platforms.

Ms. Deirdre Baggot is recognized all around the world for her efforts in improving the medical industry’s payment systems. Professionals in the healthcare industry have expressed a great respect and admiration for the work that she has done, and, as a result, she was given the opportunity to speak at some high-profile medical events around the globe. The American Heart Association, the Bundled Payment Summit and the Healthcare Financial Management Association are just a few examples of these events at which she has served as a keynote speaker.

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Why Gareth Henry Is Super Successful

Actuarial mathematics is an area of study that most individuals don’t long to be involved in, but this is how Gareth Henry started career. It was at the age of 32 that he chose to embark on one of the most unique areas of study known to man. It was in the year 2000 that he graduated from college, and he immediately went to work for Watson Wyatt. His time spent working in research management would allow him the opportunity to see asset management at work. Additionally, he would learn more about how these assets were acquired. Working as a product manager in a muti-asset class group would prepare him for his future. Later in 2007, Gareth Henry went to work for Fortress Investment Group, known for their work as an alternative asset manager.

During his early years, Henry most likely didn’t believe that he would be working in London, specifically in the area of raising capital for Fortress Investment Group. Working as the managing director, he was able to step into a more advisory role, accepting not only more of a leadership position, but it would yet again prepare him for a bright future within the capitals markets.

One of the greatest assets that Gareth Henry is known for possessing, is his ability to develop strong relationships with those he works with. With his long-term experience in finance, he was able to work with sovereign funds, work with insurance companies, and pension funds as well. Working as a talented investment professional, Henry still continues to focus on improving skills and broadening his horizons within his marketplace.

Today, Fortress Investment Group is named as the institutional investor’s credit focused hedge fund firm of the year. The award was given to the firm during the 9th Annual Hedge Fund Awards. Only those firms that are regarded for their top-quality work are nominated for this prestigious honor. Gareth Henry is proud to now be a part of this team, and continues to work toward greater growth in the future.

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Stream Energy Puts Its Money Where Its Heart Is With Stream Cares

Stream Energy is a Dallas-based direct energy seller currently operating in seven states. It originated in Texas and began expanding in 2008. In addition to energy service Stream offers home security as well as wireless mobile plans. Stream Energy’s business model uses direct selling techniques to create client networks. Stream associates function almost like stockbrokers, offering plans and servicing their specific customers personally. Stream associates are paid by commission for the plans they sell, they also choose charitable causes to support. This part of the corporate business model has been in effect for decades, recently it was given a concrete form in the Stream Cares foundation. Stream Cares is a separate philanthropic wing of Stream Energy, dedicated to formally supporting its numerous charitable endeavors.

The focus of a recent Dallas Patch article, Stream Cares has been supporting institutions throughout Dallas that tackle homelessness. It uses grassroots-style funding to partner with effective institutions that offer shelter, clothing, supplies, and medical aid to homeless families. One such company is Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply Co. focuses on homeless children. It provides necessary essentials like school supplies, and organizes events that gather community support. Stream Cares provides donations to Hope and participates in events. Recently, during the Splash for Hope event Stream Cares paid for the entrance fee and lunches of over 1,000 children. The event give children a free day at a local water part while raising money and supplies for school.

Stream Cares has also partnered with Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. Their support of the homeless has changed the lives of many. The company has also been at the forefront of natural disaster relief. Stream Energy was one of the first Dallas-based corporations to assist in recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey. In 2016, the company also offered aid to victims in the wake of the North Texas tornado strikes.

Stream Energy believes in giving back. It advocates for corporate philanthropy as necessary to the betterment of the global community. Its generosity has already seen the donation of $19 billion dollars to global charities in 2016. Through Stream Cares it plans to do much more.

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Help us congratulate Ronnie and Laura Millen, our newest Executive Directors! Ronnie and Laura Millen! Ronnie, head football coach and educator, originally wanted to join Stream because he had his heart set on retiring (which he did!) and building enough income to take care of his family and travel with his wife Laura. Today, they’re pursuing a long-term goal of building a massive, active team and helping as many people as possible make their dreams come true. In turn, Ronnie and Laura will achieve their own dreams. • • • As with any business, results may vary. In 2017, the average Associate earned $178.07 while Engaged Associates earned $1,139. To learn more about “average” versus “engaged” Associates, please visit

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Heavenly Hive

Whitney Wolfe, founder and creator of the innovative dating app, Bumble, decided to ban any images of guns on, paradoxically leading to threats of violence, requiring a cop to be stationed outside the building where Bumble offices are. Ms. Wolfe decided to do this because gun violence is not at all in-line with the values of the company.

Bumble was Whitney Wolfe’s brainchild, and she built the platform, which now has over 30 million users that are registered with the site. She also developed an app called Merci which is an app for women only, and is a place where they can exchange compliments with each other. This is such a clever idea, and that which could work toward eradicating the divide-and-conquer zeitgeist that gripped the entire gender before women had so many opportunities to create wealth and independence for themselves.

Bumble is a dating app that was founded on the core values of Ms. Wolfe, including kindness and equality. Bumble is a wonderful location-based dating app for women, because unlike all other apps, it leaves women in control. No one can contact women directly on Bumble unless they initiate the exchange. Heterosexual contacts have to be initiated by the woman, but homosexual match messages can be initiated by either party. This means not having to fend-off interest from those that you are not interested in hearing from, which by many women’s standards, is a perfect app.

The Bumble offices, nicknamed the Hive, are located in Dallas, Texas. A graduate of Southern United Methodist University, Whitney Wolfe, originally from Utah, used her experience at another dating app to create Bumble. Ms. Wolfe has made the Bumble headquarters into an example of what other companies should look like with her Friday manicures and blowouts, a Mommy Bar for those that are nursing and kombucha in the kitchen.

Inspirational mantras can be found, on a daily basis, posted or distributed to employees. Some of the “brand” phrases include “brains are the new beauty” and “women make the first move.” Ms. Wolfe has a staff that is over 80% women, so she has flexible policies about schedules, bringing children to work and perks that include gym reimbursements. Whitney Wolfe has hopefully created the new frontier in holistic workplaces with what she has done with Bumble. It should serve as an example to all.

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