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Igor Cornelsen tells Everything They Need to Know

Igor Cornelsen has a lot of quick and easy tips on PR Newswire website that can help the novice investor until one reaches a greater level of maturity in the investing world. He may not have a book for readers … Continue reading

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QNEt Offers Direct Selling Opportunities Without Bias

Direct Selling is one of the easiest industries to get into for women entrepreneurs. QNet is offering opportunities for women. Fortunately, there is a growing number of women that are starting to think outside the box when looking for opportunities … Continue reading

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George Soros on Kasich’s Campaign Donations

George Soros reported by Latino FOX News donated as much as 588,375 dollars to republican presidential hopeful John Kasich. This donation is given in the hopes of opposing Kasich’s Republican co-candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Soros quoted “We must … Continue reading

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No End In Sight For Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She went on to get a bachelors degree in journalism and then her law degree. After law school, Morrison clerked for several judges and then started working at a law … Continue reading

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The Role of DeVos Family in Stabilizing School Choice Program

The purpose of philanthropy is to facilitate social change. Today, there is an increased popularity of wealthy individuals and families participating in philanthropic activities. These families or individuals channel their funding through a primary foundation or via a network of … Continue reading

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Jon Urbana Captures Everyday Life Beautifully

One of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day at work is to head over to Jon Urbana’s blog. Urbana regularly posts colorful and awe-inspiring photographs on his Twitter feed, revealing the beauty of everyday life in simple yet … Continue reading

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Sergio Cortes Says Scientists Are Working To Come Up With Treatments For The Zika Virus

The Zika Virus has been spreading quickly according to Brazil’s Health Minister Dr. Sergio Cortes, throughout the world. Brazil has been seriously affected by the epidemic. In much of Brazil, the temperatures remain warm year round. Warm weather means that … Continue reading

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Dogs just like human beings have their flavors but it’s not possible for a person to know their dogs’ preferable flavors if they do not get them fresh and quality pet food from quality assuring company. The external appearance of … Continue reading

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FreedomPop Expands MVNO Service Globally

As a follow up to its UK launch last year, Los Angeles-based wireless Internet and mobile phone service provider, FreedomPop, will escalate its services overseas with 25 markets in use by month’s end. The telecom company, which provides free MVNO … Continue reading

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Yeonmi Park And Her Family’s Struggle For Freedom

Back in March of 2007, Yeonmi Park emerged from her suppressive North Korea home and began her trek across the Yalu River with her mother. Their journey took place in the cold of the night and the river was frozen. … Continue reading

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