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Malini Saba; a highly Accomplished Investor with a Big Heart

Born in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Malini Saba rose from being an ordinary South Asian girl, to an investor whose name inspires persistence and excellence in the business world. On arriving in America, her interest in learning more about business … Continue reading

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Managing an Online Reputation in Five Steps

Every business should keep track of their online reputation. One bad customer review can go viral in a matter of hours if it’s not addressed immediately. The online reputation of any company can easily be affected by such circumstances, so … Continue reading

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Why More People are Using Nizan Guanaes

For anyone who owns their very own company, they know how important it is to market and advertise in an efficient manner. Unfortunately, it can be extremely time-consuming to try to do all of the marketing and advertising on your … Continue reading

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Kate Hudson Personalizes New Fabletics Ads

Fabletics, is the name brand of a fashionable active wear co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. They recently made news for bleeping a word in its ad campaign. The word was “butt” however, many believed it was something else. Parent company … Continue reading

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