A Richard Mishaan Design Reflects Originality and Sophistication

In a description of Richard Mishaan’s design techniques, The Brotalk team stated they were unique, sophisticated and unequaled by other designers. A Richard Mishaan design is often described as lavish and extravagant, which is why he is best known for the interiors he has done for many upscale luxury hotels. His work has also been featured in several prominent design magazines including Elle Decor. The unique style of a Richard Mishaan design can be seen inside such prominent buildings as the Trump World Towers and the Shelburne Hotel. These interiors reflect the type of eye Mr. Mishaan has for quality and sophistication.

The unique style of Richard Mishaan design could be related to the designer’s heritage, which combines the influence of Latin-oriented Columbia with European Italy. Although he studied architecture at a university in Columbia, he also obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of New York. His long career in the industry of design began when he became an apprentice for the office of Philip Johnson. Every Richard Mishaan design draws upon his more than 25 years of experience in the industry. This allows him to step outside the boundaries of traditional design concepts to where he can create what is sometimes termed as the unimaginable.

The unique combination of elements found in a Richard Mishaan design not only captivate and inspire the imagination, they also stand up to the test of time. He has a knack for creating designs that make bold statements while still maintaining an air of distinction. He enjoys combining elements from different periods of time. The designer’s own apartment in the Central Park region of New York City, acts as a personal canvas for his ideas. Embracing his love of craftsmanship, he never takes a minimalist approach to designing interiors. Instead he prefers to use handcrafted items and eye-catching patterns to create his unique designs.

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