Barbara Stokes is a Revered Business Leader who Indulges in Community Projects for Disaster Relief

As a business leader and senior executive in America’s Green Structure Homes Services (GSH), Barbara Stokes has joined her team in revolutionizing the Disaster Relief Construction Industry.

Background Data

Stokes is an alumnus of the prestigious Mercer University after studying biomedical engineering in addition to physics. As a student, she was dedicated to learning necessary management skills in manufacturing, management as well as technical communication. Also good at structures, properties of materials as well as thermodynamics, Stokes invested substantial time in developing professional business skills. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


In business, Stokes has cemented her name on the walls of excellence. She is always portraying confidence, persistence, and creativity, especially when launching new business ideas that are meant to improve people’s lives. In addition to these features, she has an extraordinary passion for inspiring people.


Before joining GSH, Stokes worked in two major companies; Pisces Corporation then Boeing. In her tenure in those companies, she left excellent leadership skills coupled with the ability to implement complex business ideas, policies, while persistently striving to achieve success. It is no wonder she has been able to oversee managerial tasks in her new capacity as the chief executive officer of GSH.


When Stokes joined GSH, she brought in a different wealth of knowledge that has since improved people’s lives. This is because she has a dynamic approach to dealing with various issues that affect the company. The proactive approach has enabled GSH and the management team to reach their goals. By all means, Barbara Stokes has been supportive of this organization since she was appointed to serve. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Additional Information

As such, she has overseen various projects including one in which, FEMA reached out to the people who faced a disastrous situation. The management of GSH understands that there are days when natural disaster strikes and the victims must be saved from the precarious position.

The Overview

From floodwaters that enter a home and slap against the sturdy walls of the house into the furniture to earthquakes, GSH is always available to find solutions that will defy the water recession. Under the leadership of Barbara Stokes, GSH has been supplying advanced modular homes that serve as makeshifts for the victim’s use. Besides, Barbara Stokes works with her husband Scott Stokes to initiate these life-changing projects. Until now, she has successfully pitched government projects that allow her to access helpful resources for her GSH projects easily.


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