Clayton Huston

Clay Hutson has been working as a live sound engineer and as a production manager in the entertainment industry. He has worked with entertainment consoles that have been manufactured by DiGiCo, and he says they have never disappointed him. Hutson got the opportunity to work with the latest console, the SD11 on its first ever debut which happened to be a summer tour. The big names that were part of the event included Eminem and Rihanna among others.


Hutson has worked with DiGiCo’s products for quite a while; he operated the SD7 and the SD8’s variety of consoles. The SD11 came with added advantages of being portable and small while providing maximum efficiency. This was because of the fact that the event was a tour and therefore there was a need to have a compact system. The SD11 was DiGiCo’s smallest console both in price and the size. The SD11 was the perfect console for the show because according to Hutson, it’s difficult to control and coordinate with other systems from other companies while at the same time being consistent with what needs to be done. Learn more:


The console helped him to monitor Lewis’ vocals while he was performing. At the same time, he was able to control the guitars for Ben Kitterman and to do FOH efficiently without much pressure. Hutson says that this particular tour was just a small part considering some of the events he had presided over. Even though it is simpler, simplicity also comes with its own challenges. There is still pressure to perform and deliver content as per the expectations of the client. He also says that acoustic instruments bring a whole new dimension to an event. This is because there will be the need to be worked on in order to sound in such a way that it’s in line with what’s happening in the room.


Hutson has also worked with the Kineseys elevation 1+ system, which is basically an automated rigging system. Hutson says that the system is incredible, its functional properties are exceptional and that it works perfectly with the user’s safety in mind. The system was brought in at One Republic’s North America run that included Fitz, The tantrums, and acoustic artist James Arthur.


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