David McDonald And The International Growth Of The OSI Group

The president and chief operating officer of the global food processing and distribution company OSI Group is Iowa native and Iowa State University alum David McDonald. Since begin hired in 1987, he has had a very significant impact on the company’s fortunes. McDonald has a diverse skillset that includes expertise in product development, negotiations, infrastructure, process improvement, employee training and technical services. And he has used all of those skills to help the OSI Group become successful in their quest to expand their food processing services from serving a national customer base to an international one.

One of the areas in which David McDonald has had the most impact is in the OSI Group’s expansion into China. McDonald has worked closely with Chinese officials and governmental agencies, local food producers, landowners, workers and consumers to make the process of building the facilities the company needed easier. The OSI Group expanded their food production facilities into China more than two decades ago. During that time David McDonald has helped the company build 10 poultry processing plants and create a wide range of products specially designed to meet the tastes of the Chinese market.

One of David McDonald’s strengths is his ability to create and maintain mutually beneficial, long-lasting, dynamic relationships with local suppliers and consumers. He helps the company to have a local perspective on their activities while leveraging the power being a global company has given to them. Plus, McDonald is able to easily handle even the most complex technical issues related to laws, machinery or production. He has also become beloved by his staff for the effective and thoughtful training methods he uses to ensure they have a clear understanding of the skills required to do their jobs properly.

David McDonald has also been instrumental in the OSI Group increasing their customer base and corporate profile in Europe. To do that, he helped with the effort to add Dutch food processing company Baho Foods and Flagship Europe, a food services company with its headquarters in London, England, to the OSI Group’s family of companies. As a result of those efforts, the company now reaches customers in almost two dozen European countries. Due to the consistently excellent efforts of David McDonald, the OSI Group has grown from being a Chicago area meat market which provided quality cuts of meat to local restaurants and supermarkets into a global food processing industry juggernaut.

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