Dr. Imran Haque: Serving the Residents of North Carolina with Utmost Humility for Over 15 Years

Dr. Imran Haque, a renowned internal medicine doctor, was featured by Ideamensch for its October 5th release this year. During the interview, he was requested to explain more about his entrepreneurial journey this far. He said that he had always felt the urge to revamp the good bedside manner principle that had been neglected by medical practitioners and was almost dying a natural death. However, his top motivator towards establishing his practice was the push from within himself to take internal medicine services to the local level. He said that serving people at the high level at the expense of his local people was not as satisfying for him. After setting up his first clinic, people were all over with positive reviews; that was a major factor that led to his success as an upcoming businessperson.

More from the Interview

For medical practitioners in business, bringing ideas to life is a bit more challenging as compared with other professionals. According to Imran Haque, he combines hard work and extensive research to come up with worthy ideas. Complimenting such with a solid financial backing, an idea has a high chance of seeing the light of day. Patience and diligence are also vital in any business according to Haque. Lastly, the doctor noted that business gets way easier when one brings other professionals o board to help in analyzing ideas as well as in sourcing for networking.

At a personal level, Imran Haque is excited by how technology has made the medical field more efficient, reliable, and more profitable. According to him, the ability to keep records for patients and retrieve them through technology has improved the quality of service that patients were traditionally used to.

Imran Haque treats all people with respect, just like he wants them to treat him. He told Ideamensch that by so doing, he has managed to get many business friends who have so far played a big role in expanding his business.

About Imran

Imran Haque, an admirer Barrack Obama has one thing that resembles the former president- calmness even when things seems hot. On top of his medical-related undergraduate degrees, he has shaped his career in service to humanity. His good services to the residents of North Carolina has made for him a good 15-year reputation.

Imran’s alma mater include the University of Virginia and the Universidad Iberoamericana. He has been licensed to practice internal medicine in Asherobo, NC.


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