End Citizens United Supports Pro-Reform Candidates

End Citizens United has been endorsing candidates who are running in the 2018 midterm elections. The group was founded after the Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court decision. The organization supports candidates that reject dark money and vote for measures that limit money going to Washington D.C. End Citizens United wants to prevent special interests from paying politicians to support their causes. ECU raises funds for candidates that refuse money from special interests. By aligning with ECU, candidates gain access to a national network of 400,000 small-dollar donors and grassroots ECU members in their states. ECU expects to raise $35 million this election cycle from donations that are $14 on average. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

End Citizens United is supporting Beto O’ Rourke who is attempting to unseat Senator Ted Cruz. Unlike Cruz, he voted for the Democracy for All amendment to overturn Citizens United vs. FEC.

Randy Bryce is an army veteran who was attempting to unseat the Wisconsin senator and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Despite Paul’s announcement of retirement, Bryce will still benefit from the funds raised by End Citizens United.

Jacky Rosen is one of Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District Representatives. In 2017, she co-sponsored the DISCLOSE Act to make political spending more transparent. She co-sponsored the Democracy for All Amendment to overturn Citizens United vs. FEC. Her opponent, Dean Heller, was against the DISCLOSE Act.

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Elissa Slotkin is running against Representative Mike Bishop for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District seat. Bishop is on ECU’s Big Money 20 for supporting special interests and big money in politics. He also wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. End Citizens United hopes Slotkin will be able to win.

Brendan Kelly is a State Attorney from Illinois who is opposed to corporations and special interests. He is running against Congressman Mike Bost, who accepted $470,000 from Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC.

Andy Kim is a Rhodes Scholar who is running against Tom MacArthur for the 3rd Congressional District of New Jersey seat. MacArthur wrote the TrumpCare bill and has been given almost $1 million from corporate PACs. View the group’s profile on Politifact.com.

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