Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Jason Hope Gives Insight Into His Plans For The Future

Jason Hope is an Arizona philanthropist, entrepreneur, and healthcare technology investor. Recently Hope was interviewed to give some background into his successful endeavors.

Hope earned his undergraduate degree in Finance and received his MBA from Arizona State University. Hope was inspired by mobile communication technology. Hope believes that mobile communication technology benefits a lot of people and can help create change. Hope decided to start selling premium text message services.

Eventually, Hope established a lucrative career using his portfolio of technology companies. Hope created Jawa, a mobile communications company, and used that to start building a portfolio of investments with companies that provide marketing services, digital media solutions, and interactive software. Hope believes that Internet of Things is the future because it connects people, things, and places.

Hope notes that his first referral came through him doing some marketing and advertising work for another company. Hope believes that social media can be beneficial if used properly. Social media helps people network and make business corrections, leading to new business opportunities. Hope also credits his success to always looking ahead into the future. Hope also tries to focus on one project at a time, not letting failure derail him from his path.

Hope lists giving back as his most satisfying moment in business, specifically donating to SENS. The donation is helping the SENS Foundation fund research that can advance the future of medicine and help with anti-aging. The toughest decision for Hope has been finding time to write about the topics that truly interest and concern him. Hope is looking forward to watching how anti-aging technology can help stop the impact of diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The SENS Foundation is also looking to stop the spread of heart disease, lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, and respiratory illness.

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