Eric Lefkofsky, The Technology Visionary Attacks The Cancer Monster

Eric Lefkofsky is primarily a lawyer but his love of technology has placed him at the center of an important healthcare and medical phenomenon. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky got his JD from the University of Michigan. His latest technology venture has thrown him to the center for cancer research and treatment. Mr. Lefkofsky seems to have a knack for disruptive technologies that change the human experience and quality of life. It is not a wonder, therefore, that he has founded and co-founded numerous technology entities that continue to make their contribution in unique ways to the human race around the globe. Tempus Labs has drawn attention from Cancer experts across the board. Tempus uses integrated data collection and analyses to guide physicians on how to provide custom treatment therapy for their patients quickly.

Why Tempus is the Talk of Town

Tempus Labs is an initiative that Eric Lefkofsky started barely three years ago. It has, however, gained so much publicity that every cancer expert in USA knows about it. It has started receiving recognition. It was recently voted to be one of the best 10 tech health startups. The organization works in collaboration with willing cancer centers in the USA, So far there is good indication that everyone in the cancer treatment battle wants a piece of Tempus Labs.

So, what is Tempus Labs?

The technology used by Tempus Labs was aimed at making it easy to diagnose cancer. The company does a cross-board testing of cancer. It does patient tumor sequencing, RNA tumor sequencing, biopsy of DNA that is cell-free, characterizing the immune system tumors, organoid cultures and more. It combines all the segments of information in a machine learning program that incorporates medical imaging, medical records, and pathology.

Eric Lefkofsky Background and Activity

Eric Lefkofsky is an influential person in Chicago. He is an entrepreneur with a unique quest for the use of technology to solve human problems. He has founded many other tech companies apart from Tempus Labs. For instance, he is credited with cofounding Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, Inner Workings and more. He has written several books and publications including Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. He has also had his hand in philanthropy.

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