Fortress Investment Group – The Market Trendsetter

The Fortress Investment Group has over two decades as the force of innovation in the financial industry started in 1998. The company began with a moment of success a trend it has carried over its working years as a private equity firm had its first initial public offering in 2007 and as the first large-scale private entity firm to take such a huge step. The Fortress Investment firm has a vast diversified global investments dealing with over 43 billion dollars of assets and having about 1,750 global investors. It is the investor’s permanent capital vehicle, for hedge funds and private equities.  Fortress Investment Group was Brain Company of Wes Eden’s and Peter Briger who manages the San Francisco office and Randal Nardone who oversees the management of the head office in New York.

The three principles ensure the company overseas and specialize in assets-based investing, capital markets, corporate acquisitions and mergers, operations management and the sector-specific knowledge of institutions, public and private companies.The company assets investments fall in the credit and equity funds that have a broad diversity of various assets including capital, real estate, and the financial vehicles for creating of cash flow and in the long-term basis. The company boasts of having expertise in owning, pricing, financing, and managing of financial and physical assets. Fortress Group area of operations management includes developing various robust tools that aid in extracting the value of intricate investments. It excels in the strategic, structural and evaluating operational by gathering factual information from the ground enabling it manages it portfolios effectively.

In 2017 the famous SoftBank made a clean deal of 3.3 billion dollars acquiring the Fortress Investment Group.The company will continue its operation as a sovereign entity, and its headquarters stay puts in Newyork governed by Eden’s, Nardone and Briger. According to Fortress Investment Group employees, the acquisition is similar to their mission but offering a more extensive option of challenges and opportunities in the global market.The Fortress owners are more focused on having a dynamic team that develops the company into a leadership position in the ever-unfolding financial revolution. The SoftBank Group manages a vast global portfolio that leans heavily on companies that are advanced in Internet services, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, smart robotics and clean and safe energy technology. Its core agenda is supporting and investing in the information revolution in the financial sector.

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