Gaming Experience at its Best: Become an Expert with Play Draft

Fantasy football is a favorite pastime for many. Companies such as DRAFT have cashed in on this to provide enjoyment to their fan base. In order to play one has to choose a sport and enter a draft.

Players can range from 2 to 10 and keep in mind that time is of the essence; the aim is to outscore opponents. You can follow live scores and check back at the end of the game to collect winnings.

The format of Play Draft is easily accessible and has a less intimidating format. The customer service is amazing, quite helpful to gamers. The rules are pretty simple for both novices and experienced gamers and can be found on the DRAFT website.

Fantasy football draws its roots from the late Wilfred Winkenbach, otherwise known as “Bill the Gill,” who coined the game idea in a hotel room in New York.

The popularity of the game has grown ever since and is the most important marketing tool for NFL which released their official game in 2010. Approximately 19 million people compete in private and public leagues online nationwide so far. The total point league and head-to-head league types are most popular in fantasy football.

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