George Soros Is Predicting A Repeat Of 2008

George Soros is a brilliant billionaire businessman who is quite involved in global politics and economics. He has his eye on the global economy, and he is willing to speak up about what he believes. He spoke to CNBC recently about the state of the world economy, and he sees a great similarity between 2008 and today. The global financial collapse could be repeated if no one takes George seriously, and this article explains how George is calling attention to issues in global economics.
#1: George Sees Trouble In China

China has had problems with its yuan currency over the years, and short sellers are willing to spend quite a lot of their money on short-selling the yuan. The Chinese government is looking for ways to prevent short-selling, and the government needs to come up with a new plan for development. Development in China must change if the country wants to keep up with its growth, and George Soros wants to see the growth improve before the country collapses.

#2: George Is Concerned About The EU

The EU is struggling through the migrant crisis, and the countries in the union must ensure that they are taking financial responsibility for the migrants who come in. The financial problems that are part of the struggle in European Union must be addressed immediately, and George believes that the EU will wait too long to change their policies. The Greek debt crisis was exacerbated by the long period of time the EU waited to handle the issue, and George does not want to see a repeat of a debt crisis in yet another nation in the EU.

#3: The World Order Must Change

The world order must change to ensure that people are following what George Soros is saying. George wants people to wake up to the lack of leadership in the world today, and he hopes to meet with world leaders who want to have successful countries. George has contributed to campaigns in America to help elect world leaders who will help regulate the global economy.

Regulation is an important part of George’s personal philosophy, and he has contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign hoping that she will continue proper economic policies in place. George is known as a king-maker in many democratic circles, and he believes in the economic policies that come with democratic leaders.

There are many indicators that George has noticed around the world, and he is speaking up while the world economy is still healthy. The economy could fall apart at any time, and George wants everyone from the casual investor to the professional financier to make changes to their own policies before the world economy is no longer able to sustain growth.

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