George Soros on Kasich’s Campaign Donations

George Soros reported by Latino FOX News donated as much as 588,375 dollars to republican presidential hopeful John Kasich. This donation is given in the hopes of opposing Kasich’s Republican co-candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Soros quoted “We must reaffirm our commitment to the principles of open society and resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, however hard that may be.” Soros has been adamant in donating funds for far-left organizations. He is a firm believer of liberal and progressive beliefs which the Republican Party supposedly lacks because of their conservative way of thinking. It was just recently that he donated as much as eight million dollars for a pro-Clinton political action committee. However, George Soros still made the donation in the hopes of hindering Trump and Cruz on winning the primary elections.


A lot of questions were raised, specifically by the Republicans, because of the said donation. According to the nybooks article, the donations came from Bessent and Druckenmiller, both of which are managers of George Soros’s billions of funds. Druckenmiller in particular is known to be one of Soros’s major manager when he made a billion dollar profit during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis where he reportedly made England bank crash.


Through the donation, it is hoped that Kasich’s campaign may be bolstered up even by a bit. Senator Rubio, one of Kasich’s co-candidate in the Republican Party, added to the fire as he encourages his supporters to back Kasich up. This is also due mainly to the hopes of reducing Trump’s potential candidates. Kasich is favored by a number of supporters in the Buckeye state, and hopefully will win in the primary election that will be conducted on the said state.


George Soros is an American billionaire who is famous for his economic prowess. He is the CEO of Soros Fund Management, one of the most profitable companies in the hedge and fund industry. Soros was best known on bloomberg business to be “the man who broke the bank of England.” This is due to a one billion dollar profit that Soros managed to accumulate after a short sale amounting to 10 billion dollar worth of pounds during the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis of 1992. Through this and his other companies, Soros managed to accumulate enough wealth to belong to the top 30 richest people in the world.


Soros is a known supporter of Open Society a liberal and progressive causes and advocacies. He is a philanthropist who has donated billions of dollars to different organizations that share a common belief as him. He is a firm believer of change, and is one of the most influential people behind the shift of Eastern Europe from communism to capitalism.

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