Graeme Holm On Setting A Productive Day

There’s really nothing that Graeme Holm can’t do when he puts his mind to it. With determination and a positive spirit Mr. Holm does not give up on his goals until they become reality. With this mindset and fearless spirit he has won awards, Co-founded a business, and is taking on the world of social media to promote his company.

Growing up his native Australia Graeme Holm was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This did not stop him from going out into the world and making something of himself. He is the Co-founder and Director of Infinity Group Australia where he helps customers with a range of financial solutions to simplify their lives. He was not always a financial advisor and played semi-professional soccer when he was younger. This was Graeme’s passion in life until one day it all changed. He got an injury that ended his soccer career. He would have to pick himself up again and start anew. Mr. Holm found that he had a passion for the banking industry and turned his focus on succeeding in that. He was one of the youngest banking managers at just 21 years old! It continued on for over a decade until Graeme Holm was ready for another change. He found the banking system was not helping the families of Australia get the help they needed, especially the poor families. It was time for change once again and Graeme started the Infinity Group Australia just in time.

He truly believes how hard it is to struggle as a family living paycheck to paycheck. Since home loans can be quite an undertaking and last about 30 years Graeme’s company is committed to helping and coaching people through the process. They are the financial trainer that everyone needs to succeed. In 2018 Infinity Group and Graeme Holm won “New office of the year.” They were also nominated in 5 categories by the Australian Broking Awards. Their dedication to their clients is noteworthy and has been living for their customer satisfaction since 2012 when they opened their doors.

With a focus on success Graeme Holm starts his day bright and early in the morning, before the sun rises. At 5:30am Graeme starts his day with physical exercise and also exercises his mind with some light reading. He tackles each day with vigor and attentiveness sectioning each part into 30 minutes of optimal efficiency and productivity. This works really well and he ends his work day at 10:30pm long after his employees leave the office.

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