Handling a PR Crisis

Status Labs, a reputation management firm, discusses how they handled their own issues with reputation management. No matter how diligent a company works towards maintain quality service and a good reputation, a situation can arise outside of their control. This firm provides services to clients and businesses, allowing them a second chance. Status Labs decided that a change in their own behavior would help the situation.

The situation was caused by one individual, but as with many businesses, one individual can hurt the whole company. The PR team took the employees reaction, a call for the individual’s resignation, an open letter from the employees, and a team photo to the press. Status Labs wanted to put a face to the company, because they realized they could have engaged with the public more. It is easier to be negative towards a company that no one knows.

Status Labs improved upon their already successful business, learning from this experience. They started a stock option, allowing employees to feel invested in the business. They had perks, like catered lunches to make them feel appreciated. Also, they started a company newsletter and a monthly update meeting, so employees are kept in the loop. The whole experience allowed Status Labs to improve their practices with their clients and employees, helping them to connect better.

Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, helps clients to improve or maintain their reputation through a variety of reputation management services. They help with increasing a company’s recognition to improving search results. This company is headquartered in Austin but has offices in Sao Paolo and New York. They have worked with over 1500 clients in more than 35 countries.

Online reputation management is a way to maintain the company’s image. At Status Labs, clients receive services tailored to their unique needs, such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and crisis response, if needed. They help to serve their clients in order for them to look their best online.

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