Handy Changes Tactics

Handy CEO Oisin and co-founder, Umang Dua, were in the midst of a major crisis that threatened their home cleaning, booking service. It was their strong belief that a large number of people were not completing the application process. In addition, some customers were completely frustrated with the booking system. It was time to take a hard look at the way the system operated. They decided to make major changes that might prove disastrous to the company. However, they maintained confidence that the startup would survive the turmoil. The fact was that the company ended up sacrificing an enormous amount of profits to grow and answer the demand for qualified workers.

Tremendous Early Growth

The NYC cleaning service experienced immediate success and high demand for their service. However, the company was also eating up the profits. Oisin and Dua decided that they needed to find a cheaper way to operate the company and answer the high demand for services. They decided to change to a self service model to answer customer calls. This would save their company a tremendous amount of money. It was slow going in the beginning. However, after the first year, things were rolling along smoothly. Their decision to replace customer service representatives with chatbots proved more successful than they imagined. However, they deeply regretted having to lay-off hundreds of workers. This decision was a way to save their company and look forward to a profitable future.

Handy Services

Handy.com Services is a top booking service, providing house cleaning, handyman, and plumbing services to their customers. They are in 24 cities in the United States. They have offices in Canada and London. Their site is constantly overwhelmed with people that are applying to work for their booking service. Workers find that they make a good wage with the company and are offered plenty of opportunities to work the hours they prefer.

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