Heavenly Hive

Whitney Wolfe, founder and creator of the innovative dating app, Bumble, decided to ban any images of guns on Bumble.com, paradoxically leading to threats of violence, requiring a cop to be stationed outside the building where Bumble offices are. Ms. Wolfe decided to do this because gun violence is not at all in-line with the values of the company.

Bumble was Whitney Wolfe’s brainchild, and she built the platform, which now has over 30 million users that are registered with the site. She also developed an app called Merci which is an app for women only, and is a place where they can exchange compliments with each other. This is such a clever idea, and that which could work toward eradicating the divide-and-conquer zeitgeist that gripped the entire gender before women had so many opportunities to create wealth and independence for themselves.

Bumble is a dating app that was founded on the core values of Ms. Wolfe, including kindness and equality. Bumble is a wonderful location-based dating app for women, because unlike all other apps, it leaves women in control. No one can contact women directly on Bumble unless they initiate the exchange. Heterosexual contacts have to be initiated by the woman, but homosexual match messages can be initiated by either party. This means not having to fend-off interest from those that you are not interested in hearing from, which by many women’s standards, is a perfect app.

The Bumble offices, nicknamed the Hive, are located in Dallas, Texas. A graduate of Southern United Methodist University, Whitney Wolfe, originally from Utah, used her experience at another dating app to create Bumble. Ms. Wolfe has made the Bumble headquarters into an example of what other companies should look like with her Friday manicures and blowouts, a Mommy Bar for those that are nursing and kombucha in the kitchen.

Inspirational mantras can be found, on a daily basis, posted or distributed to employees. Some of the “brand” phrases include “brains are the new beauty” and “women make the first move.” Ms. Wolfe has a staff that is over 80% women, so she has flexible policies about schedules, bringing children to work and perks that include gym reimbursements. Whitney Wolfe has hopefully created the new frontier in holistic workplaces with what she has done with Bumble. It should serve as an example to all.

Find more about Whitney Wolfe: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/01/23/whitney-wolfe-turned-a-traumatic-experience-at-tinder-into-her-successful-bumble-empire.html

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