How Brenda Wardle and Woke Twitter Interpret Social Media Racism

These days, many people argue that racism is no longer a serious issue. Rather, they promote a view commonly referred to as “Rainbow Nation.” This view holds that we live in a country where people of all colors are accepted, included, and have equal access to sociocultural and economic systems of empowerment. Despite the prevalence of this narrative, many race experts have argued that the idea is false on its face and therefore dangerous. Social groups like Woke Twitter agree with this assessment and place primacy on discussing racism as it transpires through online communities. The Woke Twitter community recently became conscious of racist statements submitted by Penny Sparrow. View the short summary found below to attain an understanding of how this event played out:

The Shape And Substance Of Sparrow’s Statement

Racist statements can take on many ugly forms, and the comment Penny Sparrow released through Facebook makes this reality plain. In discussing the black South Africans she saw from her residence, Sparrow said that she thought of them in terms of monkeys and apes. This animalistic language entailed deep anxiety and discontent both within her own home region and throughout the world. Some individuals asserted that the people of South Africa had no patience for her apartheid-like comments, and others argued that her statement was clear proof that racism is still a pressing, divisive issue in the contemporary world. As a result of Sparrow’s statement and the negative publicity surrounding it, she lost her real estate position. Additionally, complaints against her have been lodged through the Human Rights Commission. Sparrow has also been the recipient of numerous angry text and voice messages. Her social media accounts were also flooded with monkey images.

Brenda Wardle Weighs In On The Issue

Like many people, legal analyst Brenda Wardle believes that Sparrow’s statements were wholly inappropriate. She also asserts that Sparrow’s assessments are illegal in light of constitutional limitations placed on the free speech capabilities of citizens. Specifically, the constitution does not permit modes of speech which involve dehumanizing people or attacking their dignity. Since Sparrow’s statement did this very thing, Wardle classifies the comment as an unlawful one.

Some Basic Information About Brenda Wardle

As a legal analyst whose consciousness is primarily informed by legal precedents and documents, Wardle’s brain is constantly involved in the task of recognizing the central role that law plays in determining the shape and scope of the individual’s identity and existence. After completing her coursework for law school, Wardle plans to make a profound impact on the world by demonstrating how the legal realm can be used to generate positive transformations in both social systems and the people who comprise them.

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