How George Soros Advocates for Democracy and Rights of Individuals.

George Soros is a renowned philanthropist who was born and raised in Hungary. During his childhood days, there was the World War II that made them flee from their native land in Budapest. Nazis had attacked the city and enslaved communities who were living in Hungary. His father had an opportunity to forge identities of the family, which helped them to run away from their country. They later settled in London where he continued with his high school education and then joined the university.

The philanthropist is an alumnus of London School of Economics where he earned his undergraduate degree in economics. While being a student, George Soros was also an employee who worked for a railway station as a porter and a waiter. His academic credentials earned him job opportunities in field of finance, where he served several positions. The humanitarian relocated to the United States and used his savings, 12 million dollars, to establish his hedge fund known as Soros Fund Management LLC.

The Philanthropist expanded his business in the corporate world, which saw him earn a living from Soros Fund Management LLC. George Soros came to the limelight for sufficient profits that he generated from the firm. Within several years, the company had a net worth of over three hundred million dollars, which saw him listed among the influential personalities in the United States of America. The humanitarian became an authoritative player on Wall Street, for his success in corporate world. According to Forbes, George Soros is among the most vibrant personalities in the universe who engage in philanthropic activities. He is listed alongside Bill Melinda Gates, who is a renowned patron. His lifestyle is influenced by Karl Popper who is well known for his charitable accomplishments.

George Soros is an individual who fights for the rights of individuals through his organizations. His resilience towards supporting democratic values made him support various politicians across the United States. The philanthropist funded Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during their campaigns. He also provided immense support for other Democrats who vied for various seats in the 2016 US election. George Soros’s passion for democracy made him establish the Open Society Foundation, which helped him during his charitable activities to create social awareness and fighting for rights of individuals. He receives an incredible reputation in the United States despite receiving negative comments from conservatives who are against his social activities.

The humanitarian previously engaged himself in a campaign that focused on fighting rights of lesbians and gays, who were discriminated in the society. Soros also advocates for the rights of women in the community. Through Open Society Foundation, George Soros provided funds that helped to control the outbreak of Ebola in 2014. He has been able to curb social issues that affected individuals in society, through campaigns. George also funded a drive that focused on ending hate incitements between Democrats and conservatives, which occurred after the 2016 US elections. Over one hundred nations across the universe have positively benefitted from Soros support through Open Society Foundation.

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