Jason Hope And SENS’s Mission

Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence also referred to as SENS, is an organization looking to make waves in rejuvenation biotechnology. With the aid of some critical donations from people like Jason Hope, SENS is uncovering may secrets guarded by Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes. Their work has proven to be extremely important to finding practical treatment to reverse and eliminate aging as it is now. The term ”Negligible Senescence,” is most commonly relates to tortoises and hydras, whose morality remains independent of age. The hope is to allow humans to take on this characteristic, which in turn would lead to people living longer and healthier lives.

The result of SENS’s research and Jason Hope’s mission to promote the well being of other is no mistake. After graduating from Arizona State University, Hope began investing in a wide range of ventures that merely peaked his interest. With a way of identifying market trends through analysis, it’s no surprise he came to donate half-a-million dollars and over a million dollars since 2010 into SENS.

The philosophy that the two share revolves around a cure of sorts versus struck treatments. Where treatments have proven to help those suffering from age-related illness to live with them. In no way do these treatments cure or reverse the effects of aging Jason Hope, with his contributions to SENS will change they sooner than we think.

In the time since they started on their mission, SENS has identified one of the leading causes of aging, the result being, weakening of the muscles and the loss of elasticity in the skin.

They are ultimately working towards AGE-Breaker Treatments, which seek to remove advanced glycation end-products, the result of the aging process. By removing them from tissue, theoretically, this could be the key to fighting age-related illnesses.

The goal, therefore, is to prevent such illnesses from occurring in the first place and would result in longer and healthier lives. Not immortality, but very close to it.

On the other hand, Jason Hope remains interested in the ideas of anti-aging and the effects it could have on humankind. There is still a lot we don’t understand, but through SENS research it is becoming more evident that perhaps death is a disease itself. Something we may have a cure for shortly, and living beyond 100 years will be a reality we all will come to know. As with anything, time will tell how far we go.

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