Jon Urbana Captures Everyday Life Beautifully

One of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day at work is to head over to Jon Urbana’s blog. Urbana regularly posts colorful and awe-inspiring photographs on his Twitter feed, revealing the beauty of everyday life in simple yet poignant imagery. His photography work first started while he snapped pics of the Villanova lacrosse team while a player for the university, and it’s since blossomed into a full-time hobby that’s yielded some stunning videos like the one here.

Some of the best photos on Urbana’s website use delicious food as their primary subject. In particular, I love the “Pic: Homemade Mexican Chicken Burrito Bowl” posted on March 19, 2016. The photograph is tastefully composed with a masterful palette highlighting the passion of home cooking. The rustic wooden texture utilized by Jon Urbana helps the rich colors of the dish stand out in the foreground. This emphasis on nature should come as no surprise given his ties to Earth Force (WRCB) and music (MTV).

“Pic: Pomegranate” is shot from a close-up perspective to give us a nearfield view of the gorgeous cross-section of a pomegranate. The fact that the fruit is isolated against a black background really makes the subject pop out and look alive. Another masterful composition by Jon Urbana that reminds me of the hard work he puts into Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

If you’re feeling thirsty, I wouldn’t recommend looking at his posting, “Pic: Homemade Alcoholic Mojito with Lime”, as you’re only going to feel thirstier by staring at that delicious-looking drink. Personally, it reminds me of going to Cuba and Central America for the first time and enjoying some of the exotic, Caribbean-inspired drinks on the menu. Urbana said he drew inspiration from one of his flights to Cuba. For those of you first discovering Urbana now, he’s also an FAA-certified air pilot whose coverage in the Aviation Business Gazette put him on the national map.

“Pic: Bars of my hometown” features deep, brooding navy hues with sharp contrast, evoking images of high-class bars and nightclubs. Everything looks great in this shot, and this is one of my favorite posts on Jon Urbana’s Tumblr blog. Is anyone else thirsty for some red wine now?

If you love fruit, you’re going to love “Pic: StrawberryWater”, which appears to have been captured with some sort of high-speed configuration. This action shot captures the strawberry during sudden submersion as it plunges into a glass of ice cold water. It feels like summer’s here already!

You can check out some of Jon Urbana’s beautiful videos over at Vimeo, and even more pictures on his official Facebook page! He has a truly breathtaking portfolio that will no doubt bring you some inspiration during creative dry spells.

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