Kabbalah and the Book of Splendor

The Jewish mystical system known as Kabbalah dates back hundreds if not thousands of years, but is more popular today than ever. One of the major schools of Kabbalism is the non-profit Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles.
It was originally founded as a school in Jerusalem nearly a century ago before coming to America and falling to the leadership of Phillip Berg. Today it’s the hub of a global network of over 50 Kabbalah schools. The teachings of the Kabblah Centre are based on the medieval text known as The Zohar.

“Zohar” translates as “Splendor” or “Radiance”. It’s the principal work of the medieval period of Kabbalism, which saw the transference of the ancient concepts of the Torah (five Biblical books of Moses) into a written system. The Zohar contains discourses on the nature of God, human souls, origin of the Universe, and redemption of humanity. It reflects on the Ego as darkness and the true Self as the light of God. The teachings of The Zohar are thought to be developed from the traditional Midrash, elaborations on the Torah in ancient rabbinical tradition.

The Zohar appeared in Spain in the 13th century, generally regarded to be the work of a man known as Moses de Leon. De Leon wrote his book in a cryptic style of Aramaic, the language spoken in Israel during the Second Temple period (c. 539 B.C. to 70 A.D.). He stated that his book came from the translation of ancient manuscripts, a claim which has always been disputed. However, The Zohar soon became, and has since remained, the fundamental work of Kabbalism.

People of many religions and cultures outside of Judaism are now drawn to the teachings of Kabbalah. It is seen as a discipline for spiritual and personal growth through contemplation of the nature of Creation itself.

The International Kabbalah Centre is a support community providing students from all over the world with guidance and insight based on The Zohar’s teachings. The allows thousands of like-minded individuals to bond, explore, and exchange Kabbalist ideas leading to spiritual transformation.

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