Kate Hudson Dishes on New Fabletics Line

Marie Claire Magazine just ran an article with an interview with Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, the power house retailer in the fitness fashion industry. Hudson was asked to dish on the new, exciting athleisure offerings that Fabletics has planned for its April 1 launch. In particular, Fabletic announced that it will be offering a new line of athleisure dresses, which are specially designed to help women look trendy in the maximum amount of comfort.

While Hudson warns that you may not want to climb Mt. Everest in Fabletics’ athleisure dress offerings, they are perfectly designed to help women move about their business freely throughout the day and hit the town in the evening without missing a beat. Hudson is extremely proud of the fact that women will not have to wrestle with their daily outfit choices to get them on or cram themselves into Spanx to look good in their dresses.

Instead, the Fabletics athleisure dresses will go on comfortably and wear like a dream. Hudson thinks that this will help empower the modern woman to take on whatever challenges come her way throughout the day and feel awesome while doing it.

Another exciting addition to Fabletics’ line coming this April is a variety of swim suit options. Hudson says that the bikini tops of the swim suits are designed with enough structural support to also function as a sports bra so that women are able to squeeze in some exercise no matter where they find themselves this summer.

The best part of these new options is that Fabletics definitely does not sacrifice style for function. All of the new Fabletics offerings, just like its existing line, are totally trendy and adorable. In fact, Hudson thinks that having cute, easy to wear workout outfit options means that women will be more inclined to get dressed to tackle a workout.

What sets Fabletics apart from other fitness fashion retail stores is that it offers a monthly membership option to customers called its VIP program. By signing up for the VIP membership program, members can receive monthly curated outfit options shipped right to their doors.

Members take a personal style and preference quiz upon registration and then have access to plenty of cute outfit options to choose from each month. The cost for this service is only $49.95, which even includes free shipping.

What makes it even more enticing for new customers, is that the first outfit upon signing up for a VIP membership only costs $25, and free shipping is still included. Memberships can be easily cancelled at any time by calling the Fabletics customer service line. Members can also choose to simply skip a month of outfit choices, too.

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