Lime Crime’s Venus III Gives You the Purple You Need This Spring

This spring hues of purple are one of the most popular colors for the springtime months. Lime Crime’s latest eyeshadow palette -Venus III- has everything you need to achieve all of your eyeshadow makeup goals. The Venus III palette has a variety of pinks, purples, and peach hue tones that are perfect to work together for various reasons.

The Venus III eyeshadow palette is one of a series of eyeshadow palettes from the Lime Crime makeup brand. The original Venus palette was made up of primarily grunge colors. The Venus palette had burnt orange and brown hues for eye makeup looks. The Venus II palette is made up of blues, greens, and some brownish hues. The colors were made to create more dramatic eyeshadow looks. The Venus XL palette has a variety of colors for both grunge and dramatic eye makeup looks. The Venus III palette is different, but still has the same high impact color of the past Venus palettes.

The Venus III palette has a variety of pink and purple colors in matte and shimmer eyeshadows. The matte options include: Dreamy, Ecstasy, Paradise, and Bliss. Dreamy is a magenta hued eyeshadow. It’s perfect to cover your entire eyelid to make them pop. Ecstasy is a deep brown colored eyeshadow. It makes a beautiful contour color. The Paradise color is bright purple color. Bliss is a nice peach color that’s great for neutral eye makeup looks or to use as an accent with the rest of your eyeshadow look. The shimmer options are Beam, Heavenly, Rapture, and Beloved. Beam is a shimmery purple hue. It can be used as a main eye color for your eyelid. Heavenly is a golden color. Rapture is a neutral nude shimmer color. Beloved is a brown shimmery color that is perfect for contour eye makeup.

You can find the Venus III palette for your eyeshadow looks at their online store. You can also find the Lime Crime brand at some select Urban Outfitters. They’re also available at the official Amazon seller page.

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