Managing an Online Reputation in Five Steps

Every business should keep track of their online reputation. One bad customer review can go viral in a matter of hours if it’s not addressed immediately. The online reputation of any company can easily be affected by such circumstances, so staying on top of such matters is vital. There are a few steps every business can take to manage their online reputation effectively.
1) Stay Up to Date About What’s Going on with the Company

People need to be aware of what is being said about their company. Monitoring their online reputation using tools like Mention or setting up Google Alerts when their company name is used are great ways to keep up on what’s being posted.

2) Update Content on the Company Website

Company websites can often be forgotten or put on the wayside. Companies need to keep up with the times, so updating their content regularly can help with their and daily reviews. Company websites can often be used as great sources of information and communication with customers and clients. Many companies even hire third-party services to create content for their website so they can keep it fresh and relevant.

3) Never Respond to Bad Media Immediately

Bad press is a cause for concern for many companies, and the gut reaction can be to respond right away. Avoid this gut reaction to avoid appearing negative to the general audience or responding in a hostile manner. The best way to respond is to gather information first about the situation and then respond in a polite and mature manner. Keep the response to the media cordial and to the point, don’t let your response go sour.

4) Be Honest About Mistakes (And Focus on Fixing Them)

Owning up to any mistakes made by the company is a good way to gain the goodwill of your customers and to redeem yourself in their eyes. Being up front about what went wrong and how you plan to address the mistake is the best course of action.

5) Build a Good Relationship with an Online Audience

Building a good relationship with your online audience is the best way to guarantee a good online reputation. The core of keeping a good online reputation is to gain the trust of your audience and having weather the bad storms with you. When they realize a company delivers on their promises, most of the time they will often rise to your defense.


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