MB2 Dental Solutions Shows Its True Colors As a Company That Helps Its Employees and Others in Need

MB2 Dental Solutions, a dental service organization based in Texas, just joined up with Jamaicans Caring For Jamaicans and Jamaica Tours Limited to offer more than 400 children who go to school in Jamaica as well as other patients free dental care and oral hygiene information. By visiting a spread of clinics in Trelawny and St. James, Dr. Joseph Dove, a team member of MB2 Dental with a wife who was born in Jamiaca, guided a team made up of 15 other dental professionals to offer a spread of dental services. Much needed tooth fillings, tooth extractions, and cleaning of the teeth was provided and transportation for the team was provided by Jamaica Tours Limited. Dr. Dove commented that he had been to Jamaica during his days of dental school and that he had made a promise to himself that he would come back to give people the dental care they needed once he graduated. He is very happy to be part of the MB2 Dental team, which looks to make healthcare more humane by providing services in communities that need them most, and Dr. Dove feels that a real difference was made during the trip.

MB2 Dental Solutions also made news this week by reflecting on the way that the company came together during Hurricane Harvey to come to the aid of its own employees and others affected by the chaos. The hurricane affected 25 offices that are affiliated with MB2 Dental and many of their employees were impacted in a big way. The company immediately went to work by collecting supplies and starting a relief fund with a goal to raise $100,000 for the employees that were hit by the hurricane. So far they have raised more than $93,000, and a lot of the support came from other patients and team members of MB2 Dental. The founder and CEO of the company, Chris Villanueva, was grateful and happy to see how fast everyone came together to help those who suffered the most.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a partner of its affiliated dentists as well as other owners of dental practices. As a Dental Support Organization, it offers numerous services and affiliated offices to their affiliates so they can run a tight ship. This helps their partners to better focus on what they do best rather than being bogged down by other details that can get in the way of them offering their patients the best care. The philosophy of MB2 Dental is that dentists and doctors can work much better together rather than trying to do it all by themselves.

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