NGP VAN Offers Democratic & Progressive Candidates Essential Pre-Campaign Launch Tips

With a slate of leftist candidates looking to take on Republicans in the 2018 mid-term elections, and in the wake of high-profile Democratic victories in New Jersey and Alabama in late 2017 to replace Republican incumbents, the need to understand and internalize the intricacies of successfully launching a campaign is as important to Democratic and progressive candidates as it’s ever been. An article, published on Medium by NGP VAN, details important steps progressive candidates must take before the launch days of their campaigns.


The article urges the building of a communications plan, through which a candidate outlines their platform and messaging, in essence identifying and highlighting what issues they intend to run on. Next, a website is greatly advised, as the inability for interested voters to find a candidate on the web from launch day may prove a significant handicap.


The article also suggests acquiring the services of a CRM, like NGP VAN’s Digital 8, to provide general electoral management services to the campaign. Next, campaigners are urged to invest the time in creating a memorable and easily recognizable brand identity – like a logo and color scheme – as well as prepping social media accounts to take advantage of the current web-based media landscape.


Mobile and SMS programs intended to mobilize voters and volunteers are advised, as are digital advertising campaigns on various leading platforms such as Google and Facebook.


Finally, the article suggest preparation in anticipation of phone banking campaigns aimed at likely voters and donors who could be critical to the success of the candidate.


NGP VAN is a voter database, electoral consultancy, online fundraiser and web hosting service that is used by the Democratic Party, as well as Democratic party campaigns, both in primary and general elections.


Created in 2010, NGP VAN offers a variety of services and products from micro-targeting and database maintenance to campaign analysis and fundraising management. The platform has been used by leading Democratic and progressive figures such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders since its launch.


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