NY Litigation Attorney Ross Abelow Advocates for NY Strays

Ross Abelow, New York-based attorney has expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including Matrimonial, Commercial, and Family law, and has focused his practice primarily on complex litigation and disputes. Thanks to his dedication, Abelow is recognized throughout NY for his extensive experience, significant achievements, and accomplishments as a trial attorney.

Expert Litigation Attorney

For the past few years, Abelow has specialized in matrimonial law, including uncontested and contested divorce cases, and a wide spectrum of domestic matters. He’s counseled clients on complicated legal and financial affairs, not to mention modest matters. He also handled separation agreements, paternity proceedings, and other family law issues. Abelow fully understands the emotional and financial challenges of divorce proceedings and works effortlessly to settle cases calmly and swiftly. Yet, he also has far-reaching trial experience that comprise of various enforcements, including but not limited to post-divorce, visitation, custody, and modification actions, and can get the job done. Additionally, his clientele range from those of modest means to a high-net worth.

Mr. Abelow was admitted to practice law in New York in 1990, and Connecticut 1989. He attended University of New York at Albany, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History, then attended Brooklyn College of Law, receiving his J.D.

Ross Abelow Advocates With Go Fund Me Campaign

According to a recent New York Times article, the state has about 750 million stray dogs, yet not enough funds to take care of those strays. It’s almost unimaginable to reconcile that number of homeless and abandoned animals. Many people are unaware of advocate programs for animals, but now you can add Ross Abelow to the “do-something” list. A proponent of animal welfare, Abelow has a soft spot for animals, and has started a GoFundMe Campaign, raising money to help care for New York’s stray dogs. Abelow acknowledges just how vulnerable pets can be and he hopes to diminish animal cruelty, and help New York animal shelters with funding for food and shelter. In addition to his love for animals, Abelow is also actively involved in community matters, and takes time out of his hectic schedule to contribute.

Ross Abelow is recognized by his peers as one of New York’s premier attorneys, and with stellar credentials and experience, he is uniquely positioned to aggressively represent clients and achieve successful resolutions.

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