OSI Group Has Had A Number of Big New Stories Recently:

Customer service, innovation and family values are core values at food solutions powerhouse OSI Group. These values are deeply rooted in the company’s century-plus history. The Aurora, Illinois based company has operations around the world in 17 countries. This has become possible through expansion, acquisition and partnership. When OSI Group began it was a humble meat market started by a family of German immigrants. Eventually, the company, called Otto & Sons at the Time, started operating as a wholesale processor and provider. A huge break for OSI came in 1955 when the company came to an agreement with the newly expanding McDonald’s Restaurants. OSI received the contract to supply ground beef patties to the fast food restaurant. This relationship continues today and the two companies have maintained a great relationship with one another over the years. Company Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin’s lineage with the company goes all the way back to the original founding family. Today, OSI Group continues to expand its market share in all areas it operates. In recent years, Europe has been a hotbed of OSI Group expansion and acquisition. The last several years have in general been full of exciting news for OSI Group. Ranging from Awards to big acquisitions to facility upgrades, OSI has been busy and the future is looking bright.

OSI Wins Prestigious British Award:

OSI was the recipient of the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council in 2016. It was given in recognition of OSI Groups continued commitment to being environmentally conscious. OSI met the councils 5-Star rating in order to qualify to win the award.

OSI Group’s Spanish Upgrades:

OSI Group invested in a major upgrade to the production line at the Toledo Based Spanish facility. Processed chicken production has doubled in order to meet growing demands in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

OSI Acquires Dutch Food Company:

Dutch food supplier Baho Food is now a member of the OSI Group family of brands, adding its impressive portfolio of products to OSI.

OSI Rebrands Major Acquisition:

Along with Baho Food, OSI has acquired European food supplier Flagship Europe. The company is rebranding as Creative Foods Europe.

OSI Adds Second Chicago Area Facility:

The former Tyson food plant in Chicago is now operating as an OSI Group facility. This will be the second Chicago area facility that OSI runs. The plant is going to fill in the necessary added production to serve the important Chicago market.


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