OSI Group Has Long Been A Staple In Food Services

All too often we take for granted the food we eat every day. We either go to the store or out to a restaurant and miraculously the food is right there in front of us every time. But how exactly did that food get there? How many long hours of hard work did it take to put that food in the store for you to buy or to put it on a menu for you to order? One of the largest food providers in the world is OSI Group. OSI Group describes themselves as a “premier global supplier of custom value-added food products to the world’s leading food service and retail food brands”. Because of their extensive influence on the food industry, OSI Group also conducts a great deal of research and development related to foods. Whether it’s finding the next great food or testing to be sure that all ingredients are safe for human consumption, the company has a hand in almost everything related to food. OSI Group has all but perfected every aspect of food production and distribution to their thousands of customers per year.

The company has been around for well over one hundred years showing their ability to adapt to the ever changing food market and stand the test of time. Current employees of the company rave about the ability to advance and the fair wages they receive. OSI is constantly looking to employ motivated individuals from a variety of disciplines to help better runt their business. Because of how large the company is, professionals of all backgrounds are able to utilize their unique talents with OSI Group. The current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. Under the leadership of Lavin, the company has expanded and is currently running more efficiently and providing more high quality food and food products for clients than ever before. Sheldon Lavin recieved his Bachelors of Science in Business from Roosevelt University. OSI Group is also one of the largest privately owned companies based in the United States providing tens of thousands of jobs throughout the food value chain all across the globe. OSI Group has long been a reliable provider of some of the highest quality products in the food industry. They have every intention of continuing their long standing tradition of providing the highest quality products with the absolute highest level of service to their customers. So the next time you go out to a restaurant, remember that someone worked very hard for that food to arrive on your plate.

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