OSI Group Uses Excellence to Expand Globally

Always looking to expand on customer satisfaction, OSI Group is a prime example of how food manufacturing can service the changing appetite of the world. Last year alone OSI Group invested in 7 new processing and production facilities that focus on better solutions for healthier diets and giving people what they want.

Development of New Products

Opening new locations is not enough to claim successful expansion in today’s world. OSI Group President, David McDonald, sets his company’s sights on specialty items, organic and natural foods, in addition to traditional favorites. Feeding the hungry crowd with tasty and healthy choices is far more important that merely looking at the bottom line. By staying on top of customer food choices, OSI Group expansion has become successful in 17 countries.

Innovation for Area Cultures

While many expanding companies take their know how to new locations in cookie-cutter fashion, OSI Group has found that by researching and providing custom area satisfaction, growth is able to come naturally. Cultural differences and tastes provide a challenging growth strategy that this company embraces with gusto. Whether a new facility is opened in Europe, Asia or the United States, exciting nutritional products are introduced according to the cultural demand.

Creating a Powerful Presence

By looking at the needs of customers as an entrepreneurship instead of statistic for growth, OSI Group has uncovered the success of global excellence in food processing and manufacturing. The broad product portfolio also provides variety in addition to cultural and healthy choices. From the purchase of Flagship Europe to the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, the bottom line continues to be the customer and the evolving needs of the world.

OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and is a privately held corporation. The global empire has grown significantly over the past 20 years by developing area relationships and filling a need. Experts in government regulations and cultural nuances, together with supplier cooperation has led the company to become a powerful presence in the global arena. Natural and organic, premium versus affordable, healthy but tasty, are OSI Group’s motto, according to McDonald.

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