OSI Group’s Recent Acquisitions

Baho Foods, a Dutch manufacturing company that is known for producing convenience snacks and foods, was recently bought by the American food service company, OSI Group. The privately owned company has stated that this will strengthen their own position in Europe, as well as widening their offers of products even more. On the homefront, OSI also bought the 200,000 square foot production facility in Chicago, previously owned by TYson Foods. With this acquisition, OSI not only strengthens its own production capabilities in the the Northern United States, but has also save thousands of jobs of people who had worked at the manufacturing facility. This dual acquisition on two fronts oceans apart further shows why OSI is one of the leading foodstuff manufacturers and food service providers in the world.

But no company is simply born to greatness, and neither was OSI. Founded by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909, OSI began as a small, family owned meat market. The German born immigrant immediately set about providing top quality meat and fish products to the community, dubbed Otto and Son’s, and caught the attention of two brothers who would change the food service industry forever. Despite being a small burger shop at the time, Kolschowsky accepted the McDonalds brothers offer to be one of their beef suppliers. It was this decision that would seal Otto and Son’s future. With the evolution of cryofreezing and the storage opportunities it represented for food, the fast food industry experienced a massive surge in the 1960.

As a result McDonalds cut ties with all but 4 of its many beef suppliers, estimated to be somewhere between 150 and 200 separate businesses at its highest. With Otto and Son’s landing one of the four positions, the now blossoming company was inexplicably tied to the success of the fast food restaurant. As McDonald’s global influence grew, so too did Otto and Son’s profits. In 1975, the company changed its name to OSI Industries, and eventually became McDonald’s only supplier. The company has remained privately owned throughout its entire existence, and made the 58th spot on the Forbes list of largest privately owned businesses.

OSI’s production includes a wide variety of different food products, with an emphasis on meat and fish products hailing to its founding purpose and the influence that McDonalds has had on it. As it’s national and international influence continues to grow, it is expected that OSI will continue to expand its success for a long time.

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