Get Your Spiritual Nourishment at the Mighty Fortress International Church

When world burdens weigh us down, we get sanctuary in the houses of God. They believe in God there is everlasting life after death. The church is a path through which people will find their spiritual nourishment. For the residents of Minnesota, there are many churches to choose from for any spiritual purpose. Many of the houses of worship have a rich history and are made of amazing infrastructure. Here are some of the best churches you can find in Minnesota;

Cathedral of St. Paul
Situated in St. Paul Minnesota, this is the most beautiful building in the state. The church is built on top the great Summit Hill and overlooks downtown St. Paul. With its foundations in the 1900’s the grand Cathedral is ranked the third largest church in the whole of United States. The church contains a 186-feet high dome at its center and features French Renaissance themes.

Church of the Sacred Heart
Found in Freeport, it has the most decorative interior you can find in any church in the entire Stearns County. Small in size, out of sight from interstate; this small church has the most captivating interior which can only be appreciated by personally experiencing it.

Cathedral of Holy Trinity
No doubt this is the most beautiful church in New Ulm. Its architecture is made of Baroque-style with a clock tower covering the central steeple. Its interior is a representation of Jesus and his disciples, plus his angels adorned in gold-trimmed columns. Built, in 1896, the church has withstood the test of time and still stands strong.

Mighty Fortress
If you want to know about Jesus, the Mighty Fortress, then this church is where you can discover who Jesus is. If you want to deepen your connection with Jesus and have more knowledge of what He represents, then this is the place. This church has changed lives through practical Bible teachings and worship.

Led by Senior Pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams, Mighty Fortress International offers authentic worship services with relevant messages for modern day living. Going to the church will give you a wonderful and enjoyable experience as you play your part to the body of Christ. This is the only church imparting God’s life-changing word unto our lives.

About Pastor Thomas Williams
Bishop Thomas Williams is an anointed prophet of the Lord. He has been in this divine ministry for over thirty years and has saved many souls to the eternal kingdom. His commanding Godly Message has made him a highly acclaimed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Life Line Screening Preparation: What to Expect

Most life-saving tests are usually invasive and relatively uncomfortable on a good day. Life Line Screening tests, however, are as easy to receive as they are to schedule. The bonus is that these easy-to-receive tests could very well save your life the same as the more inconvenient or uncomfortable tests and they require little preparation, if any preparation at all.

A Life Line Screening for elevated C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) or elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST) requires that you prepare by merely scheduling the test and show up to receive it.

Some Life Line Screening tests require a tad more preparation though. For example, when receiving Life Line Screening tests for high cholesterol (complete lipid panel), type 2 diabetes (glucose), and the 6 For Life tests; please fast for 12 hours prior as this will provide you with the utmost correct test outcomes. The abdominal aortic aneurysm test requires fasting as well, but only for 4 hours prior with a light meal before then.

Choosing your outfit carefully is the only required preparation for tests such as peripheral arterial disease (ankle-brachial index), stroke (c-artery disease and atrial fibrillation), osteoporosis risk (bone mineral density), 6 For Life, and abdominal aortic aneurysm. Your comfort is the main priority for test providers, so Life Line Screening requests that you wear a comfortable, loose-fitting, short-sleeved, and two-piece outfit for these tests. They also suggest forgoing panty-hose and a wrist-watch, in addition to refraining from lotion or oil and keeping your cell phone turned off until the tests have been completed.

While Life Line Screening test preparation seems too good to be true, the results will be as life-saving as the tests you must prepare greatly for. If you are needing to schedule a test but are not sure where to start, the convenience and comfort of Life Line Screening tests make the decision much easier.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Outstanding Expertise in Oncology

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a globally recognized scientist who has been appreciated due to his research in cancer and anti-aging. He is a professor of oncology and is currently based in New York. Blagosklonny has been an employee of the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute as from 2009 and has worked with the organization in the development of targeted cancer therapies. The scientist is also appreciated for writing and publishing important research work that focuses on aging and cancer. According to him, cancer patients across the world can be cured by using Rapamycin. Mikhail has been acknowledged for his significant accomplishments as an oncology expert.Blagosklonny advocates for the use Rapamycin, which is a drug that can be used for controlling various dangerous diseases. It is currently used for healing different conditions that include tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), hemolytic-uremic syndrome, facial angiofibromas, lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), organ transplant rejections, and coating coronary stents. The drug is called Rapamune in the markets and has been used by thousands of people who are affected by cancer.

Scientists discovered Rapamycin in 1972, and it was made from a bacteria that was sourced from Eastern Island. The cure was initially used as an antifungal, but it was later discovered that it had antiproliferative and immunosuppressive properties. The scientist has dedicated himself to developing targeted cancer therapies that medical practitioners can use in curing their patients. Most of the research work that he does in the medical sector deals with cancer and anti-aging treatments. According to him, cancer and aging are related since most people are affected by the condition when they reach a particular age. He has been working tirelessly to make inventions that will be useful in the revolutionizing of the oncology sector. As a professor in the field, he has become a role model to students and other professionals.Blagosklonny is a Ph.D. holder in cardiology and experimental medicine from the renowned First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg. He also graduated from the university with as masters in internal medicine.

The New York Medical College offered Mikhail and opportunity to serve it in 2002. He later joined Ordway Research Institute and became its senior scientist until 2009 when the Roswell Park Cancer Institute hired him as a professor of oncology. During his time at the organization, Mikhail has done significant research work on targeted cancer therapies that are safe for the cancer treatment. He is well informed about the mechanism of aging and the development of anti-aging treatments. The professor is currently working on a hypothesis that aims at explaining the impact of TOR signaling in aging and cancer. Besides being a professor of oncology, Blagosklonny is greatly acknowledged for his work as an editor. His skills in oncotarget, aging, and cell cycle have enabled him to act as an editor-in-chief in the fields. He is also an associate editor in areas such as cancer biology and therapy. Mikhail is a member of the editorial board of cell death and differentiation. The work that he has published has been beneficial to professionals and students.

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A Richard Mishaan Design Reflects Originality and Sophistication

In a description of Richard Mishaan’s design techniques, The Brotalk team stated they were unique, sophisticated and unequaled by other designers. A Richard Mishaan design is often described as lavish and extravagant, which is why he is best known for the interiors he has done for many upscale luxury hotels. His work has also been featured in several prominent design magazines including Elle Decor. The unique style of a Richard Mishaan design can be seen inside such prominent buildings as the Trump World Towers and the Shelburne Hotel. These interiors reflect the type of eye Mr. Mishaan has for quality and sophistication.

The unique style of Richard Mishaan design could be related to the designer’s heritage, which combines the influence of Latin-oriented Columbia with European Italy. Although he studied architecture at a university in Columbia, he also obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of New York. His long career in the industry of design began when he became an apprentice for the office of Philip Johnson. Every Richard Mishaan design draws upon his more than 25 years of experience in the industry. This allows him to step outside the boundaries of traditional design concepts to where he can create what is sometimes termed as the unimaginable.

The unique combination of elements found in a Richard Mishaan design not only captivate and inspire the imagination, they also stand up to the test of time. He has a knack for creating designs that make bold statements while still maintaining an air of distinction. He enjoys combining elements from different periods of time. The designer’s own apartment in the Central Park region of New York City, acts as a personal canvas for his ideas. Embracing his love of craftsmanship, he never takes a minimalist approach to designing interiors. Instead he prefers to use handcrafted items and eye-catching patterns to create his unique designs.

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George Soros: Chairman and Founder of the Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations is an organization that works for the rights of the less fortunate in the society. The organization also fights for the civil rights of many people and communities across the world. In places such as Africa, Europe, and Asia. George Soros is the Chairman and Founder of the Open Society Foundations based in the United States. For over two decades of professional experience in the world, the Open Society Foundations now works in more than 100 countries in the world. George Soros founded the Open Society Foundations when he realized he had enough money. George Soros has used the company to extend his arm of philanthropy to give out more than half of his money.

The main aim of founding the Open Society Foundations was to enable the poor people who are ruled by the authoritarian forms of governments in the world to have a voice through the Open Society Foundations based in the United States. The Open Society Foundation also recognizes that the world is an unfair environment. Therefore, we must thrive to help shape the future of the world for a brighter future for the coming generations. George Soros is at the forefront of fighting the corrupt governments and leaders out of power all over the world through the Open society Foundations. Because the world is imperfect, the best thing one can do is to achieve better business through a wide range of solutions.

George Soros set up the first office out of the United States for the Open Society Foundations in Hungary. This was a point of sending a message to the Hungarian people that they did not do well by sending the Jews away using the Nazi Occupation. George Soros also fostered the dynamic change from a communal state to a capitalist state in the country through the supply of Xerox copy machines to universities and other institutions in the country. George Soros also believes that people who seek better innovation strategies should work towards advancing in business solutions for a brighter future in the world. When he succeeded in Hungary, George Soros advanced to open more offices and foundations in Hungary and Poland.

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, few people achieved the most sophisticated business solution in a manner that depicts better business in the industry. For over three decades, George Soros was assimilating a unique credential solution for the Jews who didn’t have Hungarian identities. George Soros saved his family, as well as other Jewish families, from the harsh rule of the Nazi Occupation. When he graduated from high school, George Soros went on to become the best candidate for the solution therapies in the industry. George Soros is now one of the richest individuals in the country.

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Cassio Audi: Talented Musician Turn Entrepreneur

Most people who lived in the 1980’s and 1990’s know about a Brazilian rock music band that was known as the Viper Band. This was a rock music group started in 1985 as a five-member group comprising of Cassio Audi, Yves, Pit and Felipe. Cassio Audi was a drummer and instrumentalist for the band. However, as the group proceeding with their music, Cassio Audi was involved in music composition.

Cassio Audi being a talented drummer right from his childhood enjoyed this platform that enabled him to display his talent to the world. Due to the genre of the music they played, the role of Cassio Audi as a drummer was huge. He enabled the band produces some electrifying live performances in all their shows. Viper rock band had hit the music industry by storm producing some of the biggest hit singles of the time. Some of these songs included; Princess from Hell, Nightmare, and Killera. Cassio Audi helped the band gain popularity in Brazil and the Latin America region and learn more about Cassio Audi.

To popularize their music, Viper Rock Band engaged in a world tour in Europe and America. They staged their performances in the major cities of these continents. This helped the group expand their popularity beyond their home country of Brazil and Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Cassio Audi assisted the group in composing songs for their first album despite being the drummer for the group. Their first album was known as Soldiers of Sunrise. This was in 1987. This first album propelled Viper into stardom in the genre of rock music. What was very encouraging is that they attained this success releasing songs in English as opposed to Spanish who was the first language in Brazil and more information click here.

Viper Rock Band released their second album known as “Theatre of Fate” in 1989. In the same year, Cassio Audi left the music band and went to the university to pursue financial studies and Cassio Audi’s lacrosse camp.

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Roberto Santiago’s Success in Business and Politics

Roberto Santiago was born in 1958, Sao Paulo, SP. He is Brazilian politician and the owner of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. He is serving his second term as the federal deputy after being re-elected by Sao Paulo for the Social Democratic Party. He is also the Vice President of the General Union of Workers. He has struggled to improve the working condition and living standards of workers by organizing civil society for them. He is a renowned businessman and trader. Paraibano Roberto Santiago’s shopping mall is located in the capital of Paraiba. The firm was founded in 1989. It is one of the most attraction centers for relaxation, fun, and leisure.

The complex has interactive Stadium System, VIP room, the amusement park Game Station with about 200 gaming machines, 3D room, and account. It attracts people of various age groups and tastes. Manaira Shopping mall has Domus Hall located on top of its roof. Domus hall is considered as one of the largest concert halls. It has a capacity of about fourteen thousand people. It can seat 4,000 people and accommodate another 10,000 people standing. The hall is design with modern technology and Manaira Shopping mall partners with purchasing center, and offer exhibitions show to children from different schools for educational purposes and fun.

The entertainment, culture shows, exhibitions, social projects and entrepreneur acts can all be displayed in the Manaira shopping mall. It is known as the biggest commercial enterprise in Paraiba state. The complex has over 300 stores and about 75,000 m² of Gross Leasable Area. Roberto Santiago is also the owner of the Mangabeira shopping. The Mangabeira Shopping was inaugurated in 2014. The Mangabeira has snowballed to one of the biggest commercial development centers in the whole of the southern zone of Joao Pessoa. He is also a prominent sportsman, the only Brazilian to have won the Brazilian kart championship and has won the first place trophy severally in the state with several other titles of motocross competition.

He was the chairman of the Consumer Law Commission in 2011 where he fought against the inefficient mobile operators and poor health plans. He also contributed immensely to the approval of the profession of day labor in the Labor Committee. He fought for the equal rights of all workers such as the right to work, sickness benefits, retirement, maternity leave and much more according to the Constitution and the CLT. He was also involved in advocating of the approval of the regulation of the profession of about 12 million traders who were not recognized officially despite being members of unions and having the collective agreement. He became the president of Labour, Administration and Public Committee of the Federal Chamber in 2013.


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Eric Lefkofsky Highly Reputed and Successful Entrepreneur Based in the United States


<p>Eric Lefkofsky is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs across the globe because of the success he has achieved over the years as a serial entrepreneur himself. As a co-founder and Chairman of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky is well-known in the business circuit of not the only United States, but across the globe. Groupon is net worth over $2 billion presently and is expected to grow further in the years to come under the leadership and guidance of Eric Lefkofsky. It is a publicly traded firm today.</p>

<p>Eric has played a vital role in the success of Groupon and its worldwide expansion. Thanks to his adventurism in the business sector and the ability to visualize businesses of future, he has started many innovative companies, including Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Uptake Technologies, and most recently, Tempus. Through the venture capital firm fund named Lightbank Investments, Eric Lefkofsky has invested in over a hundred companies in the past few years, most of which are highly successful in their respective categories. The focus of Eric Lefkofsky has always been technology and thus, most of his businesses revolve around the innovative use of technology. He uses technology in a straightforward yet unique manner to start businesses and develop products and services that are smart, efficient, and productive and learn more about Eric.</p>

<p>The living example of this is Tempus, which is a technology firm that deals in the collection of cancer-related data from various hospitals, cancer specialty clinics, oncologists, and other types of medical facilities. Eric Lefkofsky has seen closely that the biggest problems that oncologists and physicians face when providing cancer treatment are the lack of accurate treatment related data and more information click here.</p>

<p>The availability of cancer treatment related data can help the oncologists correlate different cancer therapies and its efficiency and inefficiencies upon some patients. As a result of such deep analysis, it can be known accurately what cancer treatment route should be taken to help the patient recover. Tempus as an operating system also considers genomic data as it helps in analyzing and finding out about the cancer therapy that would be effective in some specific patients. Eric Lefkofsky is also a philanthropist and runs a family foundation that is associated with many charities across the country and Eric’s lacrosse camp.</p>

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Adam Milstein’s Amazing Contributions

Adam Milstein is one of the greatest names in the real estate sector. At Hager Pacific Properties, Adam is a managing director, and he has made a significant impact on the company. On top of that, Adam is a great philanthropist who aims at helping Jewish people in maintaining and promoting their culture. Being born in Israel, Adam understands the Jewish culture and always want to preserve.Adam has revolutionized philanthropy and has taken it to another level. While still working in the real estate sector, Adam and his wife started the Adam and Gila Family Foundation which aimed at providing charitable and philanthropic services to many organizations who promote Jewish culture. This organization has been a key player in offering necessary support and skills to the Jewish community.

Over many years, Adam Milstein has been providing community service to the people. On top of that, Milstein Family Foundation has mentored many students from many parts of the world in understanding the Jewish culture and roots. The organization has also helped many Jewish scholars, and this has led to the creation of opportunities for many students to learn more about Jewish heritage. Adam Milstein has also established an Israel-American Council which works to enhance the smooth relationship between America and Israel. On top of that Adam has spoken without fear on protecting the oppressed and protecting the Jewish community. His wife helps him in the understanding of marginalized social groups in America, as she is an immigrant from Morocco. This puts Adam in a better place to advocate for their rights without any difficulty.

After Adam Milstein has established himself as a great philanthropist, he has been spreading his wisdom to many people through various channels. One of the channels is The Adam Milstein Podcast which features his conversations with elected leaders, artists, activists, and thinkers who are very helpful in promoting the Jewish culture. Some of these guests are Haim Saban, Dennis Prager, and Yair Lapid. Adam Milstein has made a significant impact in strengthening the Jewish culture and the relationship between Jewish Americans and the Israel people. He has used his Foundation in funding many organizations which aim at helping the needy and Jewish Americans. Apart from being a great player in the real estate sector, Adam is a great philanthropist.

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Gaming Experience at its Best: Become an Expert with Play Draft

Fantasy football is a favorite pastime for many. Companies such as DRAFT have cashed in on this to provide enjoyment to their fan base. In order to play one has to choose a sport and enter a draft.

Players can range from 2 to 10 and keep in mind that time is of the essence; the aim is to outscore opponents. You can follow live scores and check back at the end of the game to collect winnings.

The format of Play Draft is easily accessible and has a less intimidating format. The customer service is amazing, quite helpful to gamers. The rules are pretty simple for both novices and experienced gamers and can be found on the DRAFT website.

Fantasy football draws its roots from the late Wilfred Winkenbach, otherwise known as “Bill the Gill,” who coined the game idea in a hotel room in New York.

The popularity of the game has grown ever since and is the most important marketing tool for NFL which released their official game in 2010. Approximately 19 million people compete in private and public leagues online nationwide so far. The total point league and head-to-head league types are most popular in fantasy football.

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