Paul Mampilly, Appraisal Of Funds

Paul Mampilly is looking at the Cryptocurrency markets with a whole new set of spectacles than the average trader and investor would at the sight of this apparently exquisite opportunity. While the buyers are running in and hoping that the price of each share reaches one thousand times the amount they put into it like what happened in 2017, Paul Mampilly foresees a much more pragmatic and realistic drawn out conclusion about the alternative coins and bit coins. Follow Paul on Facebook. He predicts that while in the long run the cost of digital coins could be held at similar values in kinship to precious gems and stones, they are not the safest places to store ones money into in order to grow their portfolio to ungodly successful amounts of cash. He compares the current phenomena with bitcoin to the years of 1999 and 2000, which were the years a stock by the name of Dot Com took off because of the news and the big hits it was getting investors in their wallets and pockets. He even had a friend who was making a good lump sum of money as it kept compounding and compounding over and over again in this portfolio option of Dot Com. Paul Mampilly suggested that she sell her shares before everything would come collapsing down to negative account statements, but she insisted that the hype around this option was enough to keep uptrending in the long term. Follow Paul on Evevitably, the cost of each stock died down to zero, and she had to take a huge loss and empty pockets in return for not heeding Paul’s advice. Even he was invested in the market of Dot Com as prices were stair stepping up and in the money, but then he realized that the fundementals of the company he was putting generous amounts of cash flow into were missing and due to the red flags he saw in the basics of the orginization he sold all of his shares. He at first felt like he made a grave error but then his doubts were confirmed when the company plummeted to zero value. His wallet and his emotional state were happy, because what could have been lost was saved and kept in his bank account. The point here is that while the news and the fans of crypto currency are fighting for the conclusion that Cryptocurrency is going to replace government regulated records, the fact remains that it is in short term a very volitale bubble which could pop at any moment without regarding the investors who poured their capital into a perceived gold mine.


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