Robert Deignan Remedies to Technological Distractions

Robert Deignan has been a technological solution provider to thousands of people in the USA. He has one of the best approaches in the ever-changing world of technology. One of his interests as the CEO and a co-founder of a revolutionary company- ATS Digital Services is how to make technology work for users instead of the other way.

First, Robert Deignan identifies a worrying trend among many technology users. According to him, as technology becomes more accessible, people are more distracted by these advancements. The distraction has a spiral effect on the productivity of many people. Contrasting with previous technology eras, Deignan notices a bad technology approach to adopting the new dispensation. However, according to him, , there are still a couple of things that can be done to reverse this worrying trend.

The first approach to reversing this reality is by taking control of how one uses technology. According to Robert Deignan, as technology continues to take control over every life aspect, users are left with little control. Pointing to recent researches, Deignan argues that a typical smartphone user is more likely to check on their phones more compared to other times in history. However, if a user takes control on the way they interact with technology, distractions will be minimal and therefore more productivity.

With the knowledge that the new technology has the ability to change how people think and perceive life, Robert Deignan calls for more caution on the excessive use of and exposure to technology. Robert Deignan quotes London cabs drivers and routes’ study that indicated the effects of overlearning a concept. According to him, the same can happen to technology users. This is however specific to smartphone users. His advice to technology users is to be cautious and spread tasks throughout the day. In diversifying, the user will not only have a more objective view of life but also benefit fully from technology.

To Robert Deignan, these remedies have shaped the work philosophy of his company in the last seven years they have been in existence. He is also a strong believer of diversified use of technology.

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