Rodrigo Terpins Lights Up The Race Track With Inspirational Advice

The 41-year-old Rodrigo Terpins is an experienced Brazilian Rally driver with many accolades to boot. The decorated prototype T1 ace has shown consistency both on the racetrack and at the office. He is the senior director of T5 Partipacoes Company. He juggles his corporate responsibility with his love for rallying in a way that has drawn a lot of admiration from his fans. He is a brother to yet another Brazilian star, Michel who often drives along Rodrigo Terpins in selected races. Their joint effort on the race track has been hailed as a great inspiration to families. Observers have noted that it is part of the reason why they pull such large crowds.

Brief about Rodrigo Terpins’ Life and Career

Rodrigo Terpins was born in Sao Paulo in the 1970s. He had a love for cars from a young age. His two brothers are respected rally drivers too. His father is the chairman of Latin Jewish Congress. Michel is also a member of Rodrigo Terpins’ Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Rodrigo Terpins studied at Hilaire University and graduated with a degree in Management and Corporate Governance. He is a Senior Director at T5 Partipacoes; a company that also organizes for the T1 prototype rallies that Rodrigo Terpins is known to be a master of.

How Rodrigo Connects With His Fans

Rodrigo Terpins has become a celebrity in Brazil. He has a large following among the Brazilian Rally fans. Motor rallying is arguably the second most loved sport in Brazil after soccer. Rodrigo Terpins has struck a chord with his fans through his performance and his views on success. Indeed, Rodrigo Terpins has been invited for interviews on TV and radio stations in Brazil, to discuss a ranging number of sport and other topical matters. He is on record for saying that he derives his inspiration from his previous experiences. He advises young and upcoming sports people to be consistent, patient and use their earlier experiences to improve. Those are the views he also shares on social media. He has social media accounts where he often shares his rallying experiences and connects with his fans. He has accounts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

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