Ronald Fowlkes: Impacting Future Generations through Close Mentorship

Ronald Fowlkes is a great mentor who is passionate to give back to the community through his mentorship initiative. His son is a member of a team known as St. Louis Blues Triple whereas Ronald is not a coach but a trainer as well as responsible for all their equipment facilities. According to Ronald, equipment matters big time. Ronald Fowlkes is a leader at FirstSpear, an organization that supplies tactical equipment to peacekeepers and soldiers the entire world. His first encounter with gear was when he was in uniform and while on that he got familiar with equipment that makes a soldier. FirstSpear became a great motivation to Ronald. His role in the team was that of an equipment person and this is what enables him to teach children the significance of their gear. Ronald continues to say he lets the kids understand that the well-maintained equipment can be a determinant of winning or losing in any game or engagement. This means that the gear should be well-kept and preserved after the practices.


Ronald Fowlkes joined marines after his high school and later joined the police department. For him, serving is one of the great things to do apart from being in uniform. Ronald has a sensual love for his country and his desire is to help in making it a better place. He adores and embraces with passion the opportunities of guiding and leading young generations in the correct line of life. He is the off-ice trainer for the team and he does it with passion. Along the training, Ronald Fowlkes acknowledges the significance of mentorship to the kids. Ronald states that he enjoys sharing his personal stories with the kids so that they can realize that everybody else out there is concerned about their success in life. For Ronald, mentorship benefits both the mentor and the mentee in equal measures. Sharing with kids and allowing them to understand that there is someone they can trust and open their hearts to enables him to receive more feedback and this accords him greater experience in the public and military sector. It changes the view of life in general and brings fulfilment especially when he answers their questions satisfactorily.


Getting to know Ronald Fowlkes in depth, he is an American hero. Currently serving at Eagle Industries Limited Inc., ATK, as the business development manager of law enforcement or commercial products. His specialty is in production education, commercial products, and law enforcement among other things like product selection and customer service calls. ATK is a sporting and security company with more than 30 years’ experience in sporting applications and innovation military. They manufacture gear, sport shooting products, and optics. Ronald’s professional background has placed him in the current position in the company where he is doing exploits.


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