Shervin Pishevar – Business Magnate And Intellectual

Shervin Pishevar is well-known for his capacity to breathe life into ventures though his investments. He is a business tycoon who advises companies on financial matters, invests in new organizations and has the unusual distinction of being a researcher as well.

Iran was the birthplace of Shervin Pishevar. He made his way to America when he faced death under a new Iranian regime. He was keen on studying medical sciences at University Collge located at Berkeley. He received degree in molecular biology and a scholarship for pursuing his research interests. His intelligence and innovative instincts lead the way for the development of a novel technique for the lysis of red blood cell contaminated with Malaria. His pioneering research in different fields was published in JAMA  (Journal of American Medical Association) and the Neuroscience Letters. The year 1998 saw Mr. Pishevar graduate in Interdisciplinary Studies as well.

The next leg of Shervin Pishevar’s career relates to his work as an enterprising businessperson. WebOS was the first firm he initiated, where top industry specialists such as Dan Steinman and Erik Arvidsson held important positions. He has helped create many start-ups. He co-created Ionside Interactive, Seges Capital and application Corporation in 2001. He also helped develop Menlo Ventures in 2011 and Sherpa Capital in 2013. These companies were highly successful, and the Fortune recognized his excellence when it reported that Shervin Pishevar had generated over 66 million dollars in investments over the years. He has empowered more than 60 firms. These include BlackJet, Aardvark, Cherry, Postmates, Talent House, Clout, and He holds three patents related to work in medicine, web systems and communication.

Shervin Pishevar is a leader in the investment world. He has been recognized several times in his career. In 2016, Mr. Pishevar received the Ellis Island Medal of Honour. The Government of the United States conferred the title of Outstanding American by Choice on him in 2012. He has lectured globally at important forums, such as the President Obama’s Summit on Entrepreneurship. He has contributed to the Technology, Media and Telecommunications consortium. In 2008, this group helped formulate the Obama Technology and Innovation Plan. Shervin Pishevar is an example of a multi-faceted business mogul with an uncanny talent for success.

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