Shoes From Paul Evan Provides Hope For The Homeless

Just in time for the season of giving, Paul Evans has stepped up to the plate for a great cause. They have come along and added to the cause of the NYC department of Homeless Services and the Heart Gallery who have been working together on a project aimed at shedding light on one of the countries biggest issues, homelessness. The heart gallery will soon be displaying the work of 8 homeless men who have been asked to help the cause of homelessness by taking pictures of their city and environment.

They have not been at it alone as each of them had help of a professional photographer who has worked to teach them about photography. They originally started with 16 men but, later narrowed it down to eight who will have their works displayed in the heart gallery. The heart gallery is a not for profit organization that works to bring attention to many causes around the world through photos.

Paul Evans comes into the picture because they have donated eight pairs of genuine handcrafted Italian shoes to each of the eight men. The ability to give back is something Paul Evans likes to do. They wanted to give the homeless something they could use for more than one reason. They can wear the shoes to protect their feet from the cold but, the shoes also work at providing these men with the confidence they need to go out and look for work.

What most of us take for granted, shoes, gives these men the ability to feel human again when they interview for jobs. One stated that ” it helps the person interviewing me, trust me.” Paul Evans is hoping that their effort will raise awareness to the issue of homelessness through out the country. That is something they are definitely doing as well as giving these men a way to stay warm throughout the winter with their feet safely enclosed by the finest Italian leather. It is a solid reminder to all of the people in the world that even a pair of shoes can provide hope.

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