Stephen Murray Took CCMP Capital To New Heights

With most businesses, you will find that they have entry to a vast amount of knowledge. Information may consist of knowing your customer needs, staff experience or learning about the purchases of stock by other firms. The methods that a business obtains and sharing knowledge can be useful in its ability to grow successfully. This practice is important and should be applied to any company, no matter what its size. For example every business must be aware of their customer’s needs and how they feel about your business. A company has the potential to acquire knowledge that is beneficial mutually by discussing and learning from customers regarding their future needs and to be certain that your business meets their individual needs, such as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital does.

CCMP Capital offers on crunchbase private equity services globally and industry professionals that participate in various sectors such as energy and consumer/retail. This company has witnessed more than 30 years of loyal experience and $16 billion-plus, in advancing equity transactions and buyout as of 2015. Ever since the firm evolved from Chemical Venture Partners in 1984, CCMP Capital has focused on important opportunities. In offices in North American and Europe, the firm has financed various investments ranging beyond $100 million per transaction in businesses which are more than $250 million in its size. Depending on needs, the transaction can assist a startup in its growth or provide management buyouts or companies utilizing a carve-out strategy.

The private equity investment firm has vast knowledge of capital growth and various financial services, in several economic situations. CCMP Capital has partnered with Octagon Credit Investments which plays a role in managing related portfolios and provides assistance with assets. This combination of evaluation management provides more investment opportunities globally, along with careful and dynamic resolutions that will reach investment plans.

One person who had a vast understanding of private equity was Stephen Murray, the former chief executive officer and President of CCMP Capital. Mr. Stephen Murray unfortunately passed recently and will be greatly missed by his friends, family and peers. Since 1989 Murray had managed thousands of assignments, focused on various deals and capital and also held board positions that included Octagon Credit Investors and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. One of the founding partners of this firm, he knew what it took to become an effective business in the every changing world. With his naturally competitive skills, Murray was a dynamic investor and essential to CCMP Capital’s success.

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