Talk Fusion Continues to Practice Evolution

Live Meetings, a platform provided by Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, continues its innovative ways in with the latest release. While Live Meetings had already garnered a strong reputation for proficiently facilitating communications in real-time, the updated version takes things a step further with the introduction of an updated interface, as well as the utilization of the wildly popular WebRTC system. Live Meetings is founded on its ability to transmit one-way video in a seamless manner, but with the introduction of the latest update, a separate download is not required, and there is no need to install Adobe Flash Player. Convenience also takes quite a boost, as users are capable of accessing the entire program on their web browser without the implementation of any other plug-in software.

Bob Reina’s consistent practice of embracing avant-garde technologies, has firmly placed Talk Fusion ahead of its competition, with WebRTC providing unprecedented value to the world of online communication. The ability to circumvent the plug-in download process, allows Live Meetings to maintain a simple, but efficient setup process. When speaking about his flagship product, Mr. Reina discussed the fact that the new and improved Live Meetings will appeal to both the average user, as well as expert marketers. A factor that further separates Talk Fusion and Live Meetings in the world of communication, is the only firm of its kind that is currently able to Facilitate WebRTC conferences with an excess of 500 people. While it is important for Talk Fusion to consistently arrive in first place in the race to secure the newest tech, quality and reliability are always at the foundation of the company’s products.

Bob Reina first had the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004 during a time in which he was searching for a home in North Carolina. This idea came to him quite a while after he’d ended his long and successful career as a police officer and had decided to take his career in a different direction; network marketing. While network marketing seemed a far cry from his original career, he utilized some of the traits he learned as a police officer, such as the need to constantly be forward-thinking, and soon discovered his talent for selling. Learn more:



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