The Career of James Dondero

The co founder and president of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has established himself as one of the leading finance professionals in the United States. He has built his firm into one of the very best when it comes to managing debt and credit backed securities for investors. In order to keep his firm competitive as well as being a top professional, James always looks to expand his knowledge of the financial markets as well as looking for a number of profitable investment opportunities. Prior to becoming the co founder of his firm, James spent a number of years working for investment firms as an employee. On a regular basis, James looks to improve his community by participating in a number of philanthropic activities.

Before James became a finance entrepreneur, he spent a number of years as an employee. He began his career by working as a credit analyst for an investment firm. As a credit analyst, James spent a lot of time going over securities that were credit based. He would routinely evaluate each of these securities and find ones that would benefit the firm and investor clients. This position gave James the foundation necessary to eventually start up his own company. Over the next several years, James continued to build on his experience in the finance field. At the end of his career as an employee, James would assist major corporations such as American Express manage billions of dollars of their assets. This was another key experience that would help James successfully put together and run a financial services firm.

James Dondero co founded his own firm with Mark Okada in the year 1990. The firm started out as a life insurance company. However by 1993, Dondero looked to expand the company and build it into a full scale financial services firm. During the next four years, James would offer more products such as hedge funds, private equity securities and also collateralized loan obligations. He would name his firm Highland Capital Management in 1997. By the end of the 1990’s, Dondero expanded the firm to other markets throughout the world. He would set up offices in New York City, Seoul South Korea, Sao Paulo Brazil and Singapore.

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