The Chainsmokers Brilliant Approach to EDM

Music pundits have described the Chainsmokers as the future of EDM. Most of their songs for the last 24 months have received massive airplay around the world. It is hard not to notice their massive YouTube viewership. For example, ‘Something Just Like’ a project they featured Coldplay is among the few songs to reach 1 billion views-mark. The reception their work has been receiving is exceptionally great. They have been recognized in more than 16 different awards for their different works. The most iconic wins were 2017 (Grammys for best dance recording) and all iHeartRadio awards. What is the story behind this legendary group?

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall formed the group in 2012. Their musical journeys are different but interesting. Alex Pall, for example, played guitar in his youth and eventually later became a DJ. On the other hand, Andrew Taggart has played every interesting instrument. The different musical exposures have given each of the band members a different approach to music. Music pundits have termed their music as different and futurist. In EDM world, the sound is judged by its ability to be unique and Chainsmokers have achieved this authenticity of sound. In addition, both of them can fully produce tracks but Andrew Taggart takes full control of production while Alex Pall now concentrates on playing as a DJ.

To keep pushing musical boundaries, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall point out that they listen to a lot of music. For example, iTunes, Spotify, and Hypem are their main source of new and experimental sounds. Accessing different inspirational music from around the world makes the Chainsmokers ahead of time. According to them some modern musical giants such as Skrillex and Diplo continues to inspire the duo and to push creative boundaries. Playing in different countries also inspires them to be better.

The most discussed collaboration project by the duo is ‘Closer’ with the talented Halsey. The group points out that the main inspiration of working with Halsey was because she fitted well with the Chainsmokers musical journey and because she is talented. Unlike other EDM artists, the ability to sing and write music is their strongest musical strongpoint.

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