The Life and Career of Helane Morrison as a Chief Compliance Officer

Helane Morrison is the chief compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is a board member of the Executive Committee of the company, which is an advisory firm in San Francisco. The 2008 economic fall made the people lose their trust in the financial industry, and they opted to manage their finances by themselves. That is when Hall came up and helped the people by instilling values such as integrity, accountability and regulatory compliance on all transactions.

Morrison has good business qualities like assertiveness and firmness. She is also sharp and hardworking. Over time, Morrison has managed to portray a good impression of the compliance field. She maintains that the company always makes permanent and ethical investments for customers. Hall has competent staff that ensures that they investigate all the financial advisors, brokerage firms, and mutual fund advisors before entrusting them with their clients’ money. Morrison has enforcement staff. Their work is to carry out correction practices and pressing charges whenever they detect any mischievous conduct.

Morrison worked as a law officer at Howard, Rice, Namerovski, Canady, Ford and Rabkin from 1986-1996. Her duties included private securities defense, business litigation, and internal corporate investigations. From 1999 to 2007, she became the CEO of Securities and Exchange Commission of San Francisco’s office in the United States of America. She later Joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007.

As the Regional Director, Morrison’s leading roles included security enforcement, dealing with litigation issues, and regulatory compliance. Her reign covered the whole of Northern California and five Northwestern states. Morrison was also in charge of business relations, legal issues, government agencies, and financial communities.

As the CEO of Securities and Exchange Commission, Morrison solved some cases of frauds that featured some notable personalities from big corporations like Google, Hewlett-Packard, HBO and NextCard Inc. Morrison also unearthed the truth about American Amicable, an insurance company deceiving 50,000 soldiers over false security.

Today Ms. Helane Morrison doubles up as a motivational speaker covering topics such as compliance and legal issues. She is also on the board of the Regional Parks Foundation and the American Bar Association.

Ms. Morrison did a journalism degree at Northwestern University in Illinois. She furthered her studies at the University Of Berkeley School Of Law. She acted as the Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review.

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