The Political Conservative Views of Education Secretary DeVos

The Education Secretary of the United States Betsy DeVos has lived her life with a politically conservative viewpoint. She was chosen as education secretary by President Donald Trump for her active involvement within the Republican political party and due to her ambitions for incorporating the school choice method across the country. The blend of conservatism and her interest in school choice makes DeVos an interesting addition to the current education department for the time being. Despite her conservative views, DeVos has still been capable of listening to both sides of the political divide. Her approach in the current times is a necessity in a world where far too many of the American people refuse to hear each other out. How has DeVos been capable of listening to both sides though with the severity of division looming overhead?


Her approach to handling the division is to ultimately tune out the media. DeVos has been attacked repetitively by various American media outlets for a perceived lack of experience in the education field and some of her comments being used out of context to make her appear ignorant or of limited intellect. DeVos stated that in response to the media’s push to make her appear foolish about the education department, she has chosen to only listen, read, or watch unbiased news sources. This has permitted her to keep functioning without just becoming blinded by media opinions of her work and the work of others in the Trump administration.


Education Secretary DeVos may have chosen to tune out media opinion pieces, but she has also chosen to listen to both voices of the political divide concerning the education department. One example of her active listening to both sides was her response to the Trump administration’s decision to remove transgender bathroom rights from the education department. DeVos may be of a more conservative stance, but she still could see the importance in listening to both sides of the issue. She spoke with President Trump and Attorney General Sessions about the decision. Her stance on the issue was disagreement with the decision. She continued to support the president but she also wrote a letter to her department that she hoped individually schools would still consider writing up their own rules regarding transgender bathroom rights. DeVos also listened to both sides of the political divide concerning the recent school shootings that led to the March for our Lives activism by students and school faculty across the country. Betsy DeVos has pushed for an open debate in Congress concerning the matter of gun violence in schools and mental illness in the nation. Her views are that mental illness is to blame for the problem, but she still was open to debate in Congress by congresspeople with different views to come up with various solutions. Her views that despite differences Americans can still come up with solutions is exactly what the nation needs in the current politically divided climate. Whether we are conservative, moderate, or liberal, all of us should be seeking solutions together.


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