The Success Story Of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998 and since then, it has remained as a force to reckon with in the industry. The success of the company was reflected in 2007 during the initial public offering (IPO) which set the record as the first private firm to go public in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Currently, the company is a key player in investment management on the global platform where they deal with over forty-three billion dollars of assets for various investors. The company is headquartered in New York with over one thousand employees.

Areas of expertise

Fortress investment group mainly specializes in asset-based investment, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and management of portfolios. The asset-based investment is diversified to address several long-term cash flows investments such as real estate, capital, and vehicle financing. The company is accredited for their expertise in pricing, owning, financing and management of assets. In operation management, the company has developed robust mechanisms for extracting value from investments. In the recent past, Fortress Investment Group has successful managed mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, their personnel has immense expertise in such matters and the shareholders involved. The company has grown to become a specialist in capital markets and has adequate expertise in securing financing.
Finally, Fortress Investment group has an impressive record of managing portfolios of companies from diverse industries.


The company was established by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. They brought vast financial expertise having previously worked at established companies. Their main aim was to establish an investment company that was unique in the market. The company was set to become an investment alternative by raising private equity firm and investing in high-end vehicles. In the first five years of operations, asset management grew from four hundred million to over three billion.

Historical highlights

The first decade of operations was capped with various activities that elevated the status of the company. One of the earliest success stories was the involvement of Michael Novogratz and Peter Briger in principal positions in the company. They brought in considerable experience since both previously held senior positions from former employers. Another remarkable highlight is the several acquisitions such as the Canadian company Intrawest made between 2006 and 2007. The company continued to show outstanding growth which culminated by offering the IPO in 2007. The IPO, in particular, propelled the company to greater heights becoming the first hedge funds company to do so.

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