Tony Petrello Is Giving Kids With Neurological Disorders A Fighting Chance

Tony Petrello is a successful businessman, philanthropist, and the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries where he is one of the highest paid CEO’s in the United States. The company is a contract driller and oilfield service company that is one of the largest of its kind. Instead of fitting in with the common perception of a CEO as a greedy, money grubbing person who will do anything for a dollar, Petrello is quite the opposite and is known in Texas for his generosity and philanthropy. Recently, he donated $7 million to go towards the building of the Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute, which will operate within the Texas Children’s Hospital. The institute’s mission is to conduct research that might uncover the causes and ways treating neurological issues that children and infants face.

This cause is near and dear to Tony Petrello who has a daughter that has suffered at the hands of periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), which is a neurological disease that can impair its victims physically and have an effect on their speech, motor skills, and how well they are able to get around. After finding out that his daughter, Carena, suffered from a neurological disease, and after finding out that many other kids do as well, Petrello was motivated to find an answer. What he found after searching long and hard was that there was not a lot that was known about childhood neurological diseases. This spurred him on to become a part of the solution, and he quickly donated a large sum of money to the Texas Children’s Hospital and especially towards its Neurological Research Institute. Tony Petrello didn’t stop there but has continued to support the Texas Children’s Hospital since 2006. As a member of the Board of Trustees for the hospital, he hopes to make even more of an impact.

Tony Petrello has helped out with many other causes and has donated to many other charitable organizations. As an alumni of Yale University, he set up an endowment for a yearly prize that goes to students that work in the field of mathematics. He donated a total of $300,000 towards the endowment, and the reason he set it up was to honor Serge Lang, a mathematics Professor who was a mentor and friend to Petrello. The prize is there to encourage people to pursue their passion and to encourage experimentation in the mathematics community.

About Tony Petrello:

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