Why Gareth Henry Is Super Successful

Actuarial mathematics is an area of study that most individuals don’t long to be involved in, but this is how Gareth Henry started career. It was at the age of 32 that he chose to embark on one of the most unique areas of study known to man. It was in the year 2000 that he graduated from college, and he immediately went to work for Watson Wyatt. His time spent working in research management would allow him the opportunity to see asset management at work. Additionally, he would learn more about how these assets were acquired. Working as a product manager in a muti-asset class group would prepare him for his future. Later in 2007, Gareth Henry went to work for Fortress Investment Group, known for their work as an alternative asset manager.

During his early years, Henry most likely didn’t believe that he would be working in London, specifically in the area of raising capital for Fortress Investment Group. Working as the managing director, he was able to step into a more advisory role, accepting not only more of a leadership position, but it would yet again prepare him for a bright future within the capitals markets.

One of the greatest assets that Gareth Henry is known for possessing, is his ability to develop strong relationships with those he works with. With his long-term experience in finance, he was able to work with sovereign funds, work with insurance companies, and pension funds as well. Working as a talented investment professional, Henry still continues to focus on improving skills and broadening his horizons within his marketplace.

Today, Fortress Investment Group is named as the institutional investor’s credit focused hedge fund firm of the year. The award was given to the firm during the 9th Annual Hedge Fund Awards. Only those firms that are regarded for their top-quality work are nominated for this prestigious honor. Gareth Henry is proud to now be a part of this team, and continues to work toward greater growth in the future.

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